9 Best Running Fanny Packs

Keeping track of your personal items like your keys and cell phone can be a challenge when you are running and that’s where the running fanny pack can come in handy. I review the best 9 running fanny packs that keep your essentials handy and comfortably on your body as you run.

best running fanny packs
Running fanny packs can make you feel more comfortable and safer while on the run!

It’s another 80s trend that’s come back. The fanny back! I laughed at my husband when he bought one after we became parents–his “dad pack” as we called it. But it was so useful! Now runners are learning this, too!

You may find that your runs are a lot more enjoyable when you have a comfortable way to carry your essentials with you. Being able to keep your hands free while still carrying your keys, phone, snacks, identification, and in some cases, a water bottle, is ideal. This is especially true if you are a marathon runner, trail runner, or tend to go on long runs (where to store all those energy gels!).

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What are the best running fanny packs on the market? Find recommendations from Nathan, Camelback,Naked Running, and more for runners.
What are the best running fanny packs on the market? Pin these recommendations from Nathan, Camelback,Naked Running, and more for runners.

Traditional fanny packs aren’t really designed for running. This is because they tend to bounce a lot when you are running, and that can be quite distracting and even uncomfortable. Some runners decide to skip the running fanny pack and opt for a running belt instead. Ultimately finding the best running belt or best fanny pack for your needs comes down to your personal preference and comfort. 

When looking for the perfect running fanny pack there are a few things that you should consider before you make your final decision. Here are some things that you should consider first. 

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best running fanny packs list post
Here it is! The best running fanny packs list!

Factors Considered in a Running Fanny Pack

Type of Fabric

You will want to make sure that your running fanny pack is made out of water resistant material. While you are running you will get sweaty, and you may even find yourself caught in the rain so you want a pack that can handle the moisture. You should also consider how breathable or well ventilated the fabric is. 


Fanny packs and running belts come with a variety of different closures. Some of them have a plastic belt closure that simply snaps together. There are some running fanny packs that have a velcro closure. If you plan to wash your pack frequently you may want to be wary of velcro since it can lose its sticking capability. You can also find running packs with no closure at all, you just wiggle them up your hips. 


The whole reason you are searching for running packs is to have a way to carry your stuff while you run. So how much room do you need? What would you like to carry with you? You will definitely want room for your keys, identification, and phone, but what about snacks, energy gels, or a water bottle? 


Once you have determined how much storage you will need in your pack, the next thing to consider is accessibility. How easy is it to get to the items that you might want while you are running? You don’t want to have to stop, unzip the pack, and dig around for what you need if that can be avoided, and with the right fanny pack it can be. 

9 Best Running Fanny Packs

SPIbelt Large Pocket  ($26.99)

The SPIbelt has a large pocket that can hold a phone of any size, even the really large ones with ease. The belt itself has a low profile, and the pocket is expandable up to 8” so that you can fit everything you need inside. You can fit a large phone and still have room for your credit cards, keys, energy gels, small snacks, and more. 

The waistband is comfortable and fully adjustable with a sturdy, durable buckle that keeps the pack in place

SPIbelt Large Pocket
SPIbelt Large Pocket

without it bouncing on your hips. This running fanny pack comes in many different colors and designs so you can pick the one that best fits your style. 

This fanny pack doesn’t come with a water bottle. However, there is a water bottle that can be purchased separately that attaches to the pack. 


  • Very affordable. 
  • Pocket expands.
  • Comes in many patterns, and colors. 


  • Only one pocket.
  • Not very sweat resistant. 
  • May have to stop to remove a large phone. 

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Nathan Marathon Training Pack  ($41.98)

The Nathan Marathon Training pack is light weight and well-constructed, and holds up well to heavy everyday use. There are two expandable pockets that can stretch to fit your belongings. The phone pocket is zippered to keep it nice and secure and will hold a phone up to the size of an iPhone 7 plus with a case.

Nathan Marathon Training Pack
Nathan Marathon Training Pack

There is a divider in the main pocket to keep your phone separate from the rest of your gear. The front pockets have a velcro closure making it easy to access your gear while staying on the move. There are loops on the outside for your energy gels, and even a little pocket to stash your gel trash in. 

This running pack stays securely and comfortably in place thanks to the sturdy plastic buckle, and easily adjustable belt. This pack only comes in two colors, coral and blue, but it can be worn around the waist, or across your body. 


  • Highly rated by runners who have purchased it. 
  • Sturdy buckle. 
  • Multiple pockets for organization. 


  • Lightly waterproofed.
  • Only two colors to choose from. 
  • Zipper may corrode in humid conditions. 

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Janji Multipass Sling Bag ($56.00)

The Jaji Multipass Sling bag is an excellent choice for runners who want one fanny pack that can be used for running, sightseeing, and everyday use. This sling bag has a larger capacity at 3.5 liters and three pockets for stashing all of your gear.

Janji Multipass Sling Bag
Janji Multipass Sling Bag

This waist pack is made from a durable water shedding material to keep your personal items safe and dry. The large capacity means you can even stash a water bottle and snacks in the main compartment. There is a small card pocket inside of the main compartment so you can secure your credit card or license and still have easy access to them.  

This pack can be worn around your waist with an adjustable strap, but it also has a secondary crossbody strap for multiple wearing options. An added bonus to this pack are the elastic pulls on both straps so that you can make adjustments on the trail without having to stop so that you can reduce any discomfort from bouncing. 


  • Large storage capacity
  • Can be worn on waist or across the chest
  • Secure hidden pocket for wallet and phone.


  • Large capacity might tempt you to carry too much gear. 
  • Only comes in a few colors. 
  • Water bottle not included. 

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Hyperlite Mountain Gear Versa ($79.00)

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Versa
Hyperlite Mountain Gear Versa

The Hyperlite Mountain Gear Versa fanny pack is one of the best running fanny packs on the market. You can wear it in multiple different ways for comfort according to your personal preferences. The pack can be worn around your waist, across your chest, crossbody, or secured on top of a backpack. 

This ultra lightweight fanny pack is made for trail conditions, the durable, water-resistant fabric will hold up against the test of use and time. There is a large top-loading main compartment that can hold water bottles, snacks, and even an extra layer of clothing. The main compartment is divided into two sections with an internal mesh pocket. 

The Versa fanny pack has an exterior front zippered pocket for easy access to small items like lip balm, energy bars, or running gel packets or chews. There is an additional large padded rear pocket that is perfect for your cell phone and there is ample space for large phones too. All of the straps are adjustable so that you get a secure fit no matter what physical activities you plan to wear it for. 


  • Multiple wearing options. 
  • Durable and waterproof.
  • Lots of room. 


  • Only two colors (black or white).
  • No zipper on the rear pocket.
  • Mesh divider in the main pocket is not removable. 

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Cotopaxi Del Dia Bataan 3L Fanny Pack ($32.50)

The Cotopaxi Del Dia Bataan fanny pack has plenty of room for your running essentials in its single large zippered pocket with 3 liter storage capacity. There are two internal mesh pockets inside of the zipper pocket. The pocket is large enough to hold any cell phone, trail snacks, keys, your wallet, and more.

Cotopaxi Del Dia Bataan 3L Fanny Pack
Cotopaxi Del Dia Bataan 3L Fanny Pack

The pack is made from ripstop nylon, and is designed by Filipino employees who have creative control over each pack. They use remnants of material to make each pack to reduce waste, and each pack is unique, and one of a kind. 

This large capacity fanny pack can be worn around the waist, or crossbody according to your preference. The adjustable waist strap can be adjusted on either side of the clip and any excess material can be tucked into the loop. 


  • Plenty of room for any phone plus more. 
  • Easy access without needing to stop. 
  • All unique and ethically made. 


  • Decals prone to peeling. 
  • Can’t choose your colors or design. 
  • Has some bounce if you don’t tighten the straps. 

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CamelBak Ultra Belt
CamelBak Ultra Belt

CamelBak Ultra Belt ($62 – $99)  

The CamelBak Ultra belt is a hybrid running belt fanny pack combo designed with runners in mind. It’s more than just a great running belt because it also offers runners plenty of storage space. It’s like a fanny pack, but it stays closer to your body for less bouncing. 

This running belt has four pockets, including a zippered front pocket to hold your phone, cash, or credit cards. The belt can hold a 17 ounce soft flask for hydration and you still have room for running gels and snacks. You don’t have to worry about losing your gear in the belt thanks to the four pockets and stability on your body so it doesn’t get jostled around. 

This running belt has a snug fit and comes in three different sizes. There is minimal adjustment that can be made to the belt so make sure to measure your waist size before purchase. This is a pull-on belt that slides down over your hips which is why it has such a secure fit. The CamelBak Ultra belt comes in black/ yellow and aqua/ silver and the reflective material is designed to be seen in low-light conditions.


  • No bouncing or sliding on your hips. 
  • Multiple pockets and room for a soft flask. 
  • Reflective materials for low-light conditions. 


  • Sizing is very precise.

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Naked Running Band ($55)

Naked Running Band
Naked Running Band

The Naked Running Band is made of a super stretch mesh material that the company refers to as power mesh. It’s lightweight, quick drying, and fits snugly with no bouncing or chafing. Despite its slim design it has plenty of room for multiple hydration flasks for marathon training with plenty of additional room for your wallet, phone, energy gels, and even a jacket. 

This waist bag has a 2 liter storage capacity with 2 medium sized pockets on the front and a single large pocket on the back. There is a reflective detailing on the band that makes it easier for you to be seen in low-light conditions. You will find secure race number attachments on the front of this running band. 

The band comes in 12 different sizes and it’s important to follow the measuring instructions precisely to get a good fit. There are pull tabs on the front pockets so that you can grab what you need without having to interrupt your run. This running band is a low-profile option that feels more like your clothing, than an extra piece of gear. As an added bonus these waist belts are also an excellent choice for holding your gear on bike rides. 


  • Lightweight.
  • Stays securely in place. 
  • Will hold everything you need. 


  • Sizing is very precise. 
  • Decals peel off easily. 
  • Hard to remove items from the back pocket when running. 

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NATHAN Running Belt 5K $24.80

The NATHAN running belt 5K is an affordably priced running belt, made of quick drying neoprene fabric, is an ultra-lightweight running belt. There are two pockets both with zipper closures. The larger top pocket can hold most android phones, but large smartphones may have to come out of their case to fit comfortably. The smaller front pocket is the perfect place for your keys, cash, and other small personal items. 

This belt comes in four different colors including black, and it has a very low profile. They have a reflective 3M Scotchlite reflective detail for early morning or evening runs. These running belts are one size fits most with an adjustable belt. However, they do not have a loop for you to store the excess material.

NATHAN Running Belt 5K
NATHAN Running Belt 5K

This belt bag is fantastic for short runs, walks in the park, and carrying personal items hands free while sightseeing. For longer runs, you might choose a different option with more space, and the ability to carry water with you. 


  • Comes in three bright colors and black. 
  • Affordable. 
  • Compact.


  • No belt loops for excess belt material. 
  • No room for water. 
  • Large smartphones may have to be removed from their case to fit. 

Salomon Active Belt Hydration Waist Pack ($29.95)

The Salomon Active Belt Hydration Waist Pack is an affordable belt bag option for runners who want to carry a water bottle with them but still have room for their keys, phone, and snacks. This ergonomically designed waist bag is designed to sit against your lower back. 

There is only one pocket, but it does have enough room for most phones, running gels, and other small personal items. The other “pocket” is a water bottle holder designed specifically for the 20 ounce 3D water bottle that comes with this running pack. The bottle fits snugly, so you don’t have to worry about it bouncing out along the trail. 

This running waist bag comes in six different colors, and it is made out of water-resistant nylon. It offers a

Salomon Active Belt Hydration Waist Pack
Salomon Active Belt Hydration Waist Pack

comfortable fit, and the opportunity to easily hydrate with no need to stop. If you don’t need to carry a lot with you this is an excellent, affordable option. 


  • Ergonomically designed. 
  • Comes with a water bottle that fits the pack. 
  • Multiple colors to choose from. 


  • Only one pocket for personal items. 
  • No loop for excess belt material. 
  • Large phones may mean you can’t carry much else. 

The Best Running Fanny Packs, Recapped

Choosing the best running fanny pack for you may take more than one try so don’t get discouraged if you don’t find the perfect fit with the first one you buy. Just return it and try again with a different one until you get the right fit.

You may even find that you prefer having different options depending on the type of running that you plan to do. You may have one belt bag for short runs with small pockets for your keys, card, and cash for short runs. 

It might also be a good idea to have a running waist belt with an expandable pocket for a long trail run or marathon training. A pack with enough room for a water bottle or flask, energy gels, hydration packs, protein bars, and the personal gear you might need along the way. 

The type of runner you are and the training goals you have set for yourself will be a big determining factor in the type of running waist bag that is best for you. Ultimately, you want a comfortable fit, that won’t bounce when you run, that can hold all of the running essentials you need to carry with you along the way. Hopefully, this review has given you some good direction in which type of running belt bag might be the best option for you. 

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