marathon fueling 101

Marathon Fueling 101: What to Eat Before, During, & After Running

UPDATED Aug. 12, 2023: One of the major perks of being a marathon runner is getting to eat. A lot. But not eating right and not eating enough can torpedo your marathon training. With all this talk of gels, GUs, gut training, fasted running, depleted state running…marathon fueling can get pretty complicated.  Pretty much every … Read more

Whitney Heins at CIM marathon

Are Downhill Marathons Easier to Get a PR? 

Downhill marathons caught my eye on Instagram in the last recent years. I saw runners nabbing huge PRs and running crazy fast times—much faster than their previous race times. It seemed like downhill races were becoming the next iteration of beating the clock after science-backed energy gels, pre-workout concoctions, and carbon fiber shoes. Related: Do … Read more


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