Best foods to eat during your period

Should I Do Glycogen Depletion Runs?

Runners are always trying to gain a competitive edge—especially marathoners. And a major way to do that is with fueling—tinkering with how many carbohydrates you take in for optimal energy efficiency. Some train high, focusing on gut training, and some train low with glycogen depletion runs. Glycogen depletion runs or running fasted means you take … Read more

Hydration is essential for runners.

Hydration Tips for Summer Running (+ 4 electrolyte drink reviews)

It should be simple. If you run in the heat, drink more water. But figuring out how much to drink and when while running in hot weather can be complicated. Enter electrolytes and it’s downright confusing. I got you though with some straightforward hydration tips for summer running. Hydrating while running in the summer heat … Read more


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