marathon fueling 101

Marathon Fueling 101: What to Eat Before, During, & After Running

UPDATED Aug. 12, 2023: One of the major perks of being a marathon runner is getting to eat. A lot. But not eating right and not eating enough can torpedo your marathon training. With all this talk of gels, GUs, gut training, fasted running, depleted state running…marathon fueling can get pretty complicated.  Pretty much every … Read more

quality supplements

The 13 Best Supplements for Runners

UPDATED July 23, 2023: I credit taking supplements for staying healthy during the last year or so of my running. Running can be hard on the body and it can cause imbalances and deficits that impact your overall performance and health. Along with a healthy diet and good sleep, supplements can help you maintain a balance … Read more


Pros and Cons of Creatine for Runners (+ Usage Tips)

One of the most studied nutritional supplements for athletes is creatine. But when many of us think of creatine, we think of body builders. But is creatine for runners? Should runners take creatine? Creatine supplements caught my eye when I saw many Instagram influencers I follow sharing that they take creatine after running for recovery. … Read more


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