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What to Eat After a Long Run: 5 Tips

Research shows that runners should combine carbohydrates with protein to  facilitate muscle repair and recovery and glycogen resynthesis after running. Hydrating with electrolytes and including foods with anti-inflammatory properties can also repair muscle damage from running and reduce inflammation. Read on to learn what to eat after a long run including the best post-run meals … Read more

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Can You Take Pre-Workout While Breastfeeding?

Most women know they shouldn’t be drinking gobs of caffeine while pregnant. However, can you take pre workout while breastfeeding? Yes, you can take pre workout supplement while breastfeeding—BUT not all are safe and the popular ingredients are not well-tested in nursing women. Nursing women need to be picky about their pre workout supplements! A … Read more

Can Drinking Beet Juice Boost Your Running Performance?

Studies indicate drinking beet juice can boost athletic performance. However, the research is mixed on beet juice for runners—showing that it may only be beneficial to untrained people or those performing at altitude. I speak with nutrition experts and look at the research to answer whether runners should drink beet juice. The bottom line? It’s … Read more

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Should Runners Take Creatine? (Expert Take)

The main benefit of creatine for runners is in enhancing recovery, not performance in long-distance running, says Laura Norris, running coach with a master’s degree in applied exercise science. As Norris explains, “The creatine-phosphate system is not used in middle or long-distance running, as these events rely more on glycolysis and oxidative metabolism.” Read on … Read more

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Can Breastfeeding Lead to Bone Injuries Postpartum in Runners?

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can lead to bone injuries postpartum, particularly if you breastfeed beyond 12 weeks and have a history of missed periods or bone loss. Experts advise postpartum runners to focus on getting in proper nutrition, gradually increasing training load, and listening to your body to avoid injuries running postpartum. Reviewed by Dr. Jessica … Read more

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Carb Loading Before a Marathon: How to Nail Your Nutrition

Your body’s primary source of fuel for running comes from carbohydrates which are stored as glycogen in the body. The trouble is this source is limited to about 120 minutes of exercise. Runners who run long distances such as a marathon or half marathon need to carb load to maximize their fuel stores to run … Read more


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