collagen supplements for runners

Collagen Supplements for Runners: Can Taking Collagen Prevent Injuries?

It’s no secret that I’ve battled injuries the past couple of years including a hamstring tear and a plantar fascia tear. As I ramp up my marathon training, I still have little “niggles” crop up in my soft tissue that makes me wonder what else can I do to stay healthy. Can taking collagen supplements … Read more

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Should I Do Glycogen Depletion Runs?

Runners are always trying to gain a competitive edge—especially marathoners. And a major way to do that is with fueling—tinkering with how many carbohydrates you take in for optimal energy efficiency. Some train high, focusing on gut training, and some train low with glycogen depletion runs. Glycogen depletion runs or running fasted means you take … Read more


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