Hydration tips for runners

7 Best Electrolyte Drinks for Runners

Most long-distance runners know that they need to fuel their long runs with energy gels. But many runners don’t know they also need electrolyte drinks for running distances over an hour—especially in hot or humid weather. Related: Benefits of Running in Hot Weather Electrolyte drinks for runners or sports drinks can be crucial for your … Read more


How to Get Over a Bad Race, According to a Sports Psych

Bad races happen. Bad races happen to good people—and good runners. Even when everything has been meticulously planned and is all lined up for a PR—you can still have a bad race. Perhaps that’s what can be so alluring with running—especially marathons. I am writing this article as I process my bad race: After 2.5 … Read more


5 Minute Mobility Routine for Runners

Do runners want to be flexible or mobile? They want to be mobile! Having mobility helps runners run faster and stay injury free. That’s why I’m sharing a 5 minute mobility routine for runners. This mobility routine with range of motion exercises is crafted by me, my running coach, and exercise physiologist and 2:25 marathoner … Read more


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