people running in shirts and shorts on path

Aerobic vs Anaerobic Running: What’s Best for Most Runners?

Aerobic running means “with oxygen” and are characterized by continuous, easy running. Anaerobic means “without oxygen” and involves higher intensity running. Trained runners should include both types of workouts in their training. Read on to learn how and why.  Reviewed by exercise physiologist Todd Buckingham — Get out your notebooks, kids. You’re about to get … Read more

woman adding creatine to shake

Should Runners Take Creatine? (Expert Take)

The main benefit of creatine for runners is in enhancing recovery, not performance in long-distance running, says Laura Norris, running coach with a master’s degree in applied exercise science. As Norris explains, “The creatine-phosphate system is not used in middle or long-distance running, as these events rely more on glycolysis and oxidative metabolism.” Read on … Read more

women running a grassy hill

9 Best Hill Workouts for Runners (+ Hill Training Guide)

Hill training makes runners stronger and faster. It builds both muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. Here are the best hill workouts for runners. (Reviewed by exercise physiologist Todd Buckingham) — As the famed running coach David Roche, author of The Happy Runner, likes to say: “Hills pay the bills!” Running hills act as a two-fer … Read more

whitney. heins running

Bust Through a Running Plateau (8 Training Strategies)

A running plateau is when your running performance isn’t improving despite running regularly. Reasons for a running plateau are often rooted in your training, lifestyle, or overall health. I share 8 training strategies to bust through a running plateau. The other day, a new athlete came to me frustrated by a running plateau. She said … Read more

runner's trots--runner with stomach issues clutching stomach

Why Does Running Make You Poop? (+ Expert Tips)

Having to poop while running is a common problem among runners. The cause is usually physiological, nutritional, or mechanical. I speak with experts to help runners identify the cause of their runner’s trots so they can prevent having to go during their run. Common preventative measures involve emptying prior to a run, allowing enough time … Read more


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