What Should My Easy Pace Be?

An easy running pace is a pace in which you feel in control, comfortable, and can hold a conversation. For most trained recreational runners, about 80 percent of your weekly training volume should be at an easy effort. This allows you to build your training volume, execute hard workouts, spur physiological adaptations that boost running … Read more

woman adding creatine to shake

Should Runners Take Creatine? (Expert Take)

The main benefit of creatine for runners is in enhancing recovery, not performance in long-distance running, says Laura Norris, running coach with a master’s degree in applied exercise science. As Norris explains, “The creatine-phosphate system is not used in middle or long-distance running, as these events rely more on glycolysis and oxidative metabolism.” Read on … Read more

two women running at dawn

How to Start Running: A Complete Guide for Beginner Runners

Learning how to start running can feel daunting. I make it simple with running tips for beginners that make running really as easy as putting on your shoes, and walking out the door. Most beginner runners should start with run-walk intervals and run every other day. Learn how to start running with my simple running … Read more

Whitney Heins flexing bicep wearing pink

16+ Best Arm Workouts for Runners

Exercise physiologist Todd Buckingham and research shows that a strong upper body can help runners perform better. One study found that that a weakness or lack of sufficient coordination in the upper body can lead to “less efficient movements, compensatory movement patterns, strain, overuse, and injury.” Get stronger with these arm workouts for runners! Something … Read more


15 Reasons Your Heart Rate is High on Easy Runs

Your heart rate can be high on easy runs for various reasons such as nutrition, stress, menstrual cycle, illness, weather, genetics and, lack of sleep. In most cases, a high heart rate when running easy is not a cause for concern, Kate Baird, exercise physiologist at the Hospital for Special Surgery, unless it is very high or is … Read more


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