My Editorial Process

Your trust is very important to me. As a trained journalist, I have an editorial process in place to ensure that the information I share is accurate. Information that is not my own experience or someone I interviewed is well-researched. Expertise shared by the sources I interviewed is reviewed by the experts themselves.

Whitney Heins as a journalist
Throwback to my early years as a morning anchor.

Most of my articles are a combination of my personal experiences, others’ experiences, research studies, and my own expertise. I have been running for more than 35 years, am an VDOT running coaching certificate of training and coached more than a hundred athletes for four years.

When I don’t have the expertise of a certain area, I interview experts. The experts I consult review what I have written for accuracy. 

My sole mission is to provide you with the information, inspiration, and community you need to be your best! My editorial process supports this!


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