Best Rain Jackets for Running in 2022

Updated November 1, 2022: Some people love it. Others hate it. But no matter what, when it comes to running in the rain–you need the right running rain jacket to protect you from the elements. When it comes to running in the rain, there are two schools of thought: don’t fight it and get totally soaked … Read more

Victory Mother Runner Necklace

2022 Holiday Gifts for Runners (+ Mother Runners)

UPDATED November 25, 2022: Holiday shopping season is officially here! With that means it’s time to release my ideas for gifts for runners (and mother runners!).  These gifts for runners are items that have made my life easier or better as a runner and as a mother. They aren’t all specific to running. These are … Read more


Vuori Shorts Review for Women

With the pandemic work-from-home lifestyle came a burgeoning love for athleisure—especially Vuori clothing. I remember my sister lamenting that the return to the office came the bidding farewell to her Vuori life. Indeed, I became very accustomed to living in my Vuori shorts and Vuori joggers. The Vuori joggers were my gateway into Vuori. On … Read more


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