woman runner holding baby

Can Breastfeeding Lead to Bone Injuries Postpartum in Runners?

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can lead to bone injuries postpartum, particularly if you breastfeed beyond 12 weeks and have a history of missed periods or bone loss. Experts advise postpartum runners to focus on getting in proper nutrition, gradually increasing training load, and listening to your body to avoid injuries running postpartum. Reviewed by Dr. Jessica … Read more

two women running at dawn

How to Start Running: A Complete Guide for Beginner Runners

Learning how to start running can feel daunting. I make it simple with running tips for beginners that make running really as easy as putting on your shoes, and walking out the door. Most beginner runners should start with run-walk intervals and run every other day. Learn how to start running with my simple running … Read more

How to start running after having a baby

Postpartum Running Guide

Everything you need to know about how to get back into running after pregnancy. When you can safely start running after baby, how to start, and more. Medically Reviewed By:  Dr. Carrie Pagliano (PT), Dr. Lauren Levko (DPT), and Melanie Connell (PT, CHC). Fact-Checked By: Chelsea Plummer, Health Editor  This post was originally written on … Read more


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