Neely Gracey sets the world record for the stroller mile in a time of 5:24. ushing stroller at track.

How to Have Proper Stroller Running Form

Running with a stroller can be awkward. Neely Gracey, world record holder for the stroller mile, tells us proper stroller form involves standing tall (no hunching), using your body to push the stroller (not just your arms), switching arms, and taking short steps. Read on to learn more stroller running form tips and mistakes to … Read more

Neely Gracey sets the world record for the stroller mile in a time of 5:24. Breaking tape at track.

Inside Neely Gracey’s World Record Stroller Mile

 Neely Gracey, an adidas-supported pro runner, is one of the first mother runners I interviewed for my website and the podcast I host for Runner Click, The Passionate Runner. Why? Because Neely has done incredible things as a mother runner yet in a very relatable way. She is open about challenges and how she juggles … Read more


How Cold is Too Cold for a Stroller Run?

Ahh, winter. As if stroller running wasn’t challenging enough—you throw frigid temps and slippery terrain in our paths to getting fit. But what is too cold for a stroller run? My stroller running days are behind me, but I remember this question worrying me when I had no other option but to run with the … Read more

Train for a race with a stroller

How to Use Heart Rate Zones Running with a Stroller

Recently I interviewed mother runner, Alyssa Bloomquist, about how she qualified for the Olympic Trials in the marathon doing track workouts running with a stroller. How in the world? All of us know that running with a stroller is really difficult and trying to hold a fast pace is nearly impossible. The trick was paying attention to … Read more


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