Hydration tips for runners

8 Best Electrolyte Drinks for Runners

Most long-distance runners know that they need to fuel their long runs with energy gels. But many runners don’t know they also need electrolyte drinks for running distances over an hour—especially in hot or humid weather. Related: Benefits of Running in Hot Weather Electrolyte drinks for runners or sports drinks can be crucial for your … Read more


12 Must-Have Spring Running Gear

It’s finally that time of year most runners yearn for—spring running! The temps warm. The flowers blossom. The trees bud. Birds chirp. It’s hard to go for a sunny spring run and not come back in a good mood. (And let’s not forget that optimal running performance temps happen in the springtime!). But not all … Read more

Jack Wolfskin rainjacket

Best Running Rain Jackets of 2023

Updated February 19, 2023: Last weekend I had a 20-mile long run with a 10-mile tempo in it. I wasn’t feeling well, was super unmotivated, and the weather matched my mood–it was windy with pouring rain and temps in the upper 30s. What helped me get out the door, quite honestly, was knowing I had a … Read more


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