12+ Best Lululemon Dupes on Amazon for Runners

You can find clothes almost exactly like Lululemon on Amazon for a fraction of the price. Called Lulu dupes, these clothes from brands like The Gym People, Soothefeel, and Hey Nuts come highly rated and in lots of colors and sizes. I share the best below.

I feel like I just learned a secret—and maybe it’s a secret everyone else knew but me (my 9-year-old Eleanor knew it!). But there are amazing Lululemon dupes on Amazon for a fraction of the cost. I think these dupes will help you with two New Year’s Resolutions—saving money and working out consistently!!

Lululemon dupes
These Lululemon dupes are a near spitting image of the real deal.

The Lululemon look-alikes won’t break your bank account and are high quality. Some of the designs are nearly identical…that it just doesn’t seem right. But being a savvy shopper isn’t wrong, either. And you know what?  Lululemon seems to be doing ok—so I am passing along the best Lululemon dupes on Amazon that I have found.

I went down the Lululemon dupes trail when trying to find some pink bike shorts for my Roller Barbie Halloween costume–shockingly discovering that the short tights were just as high quality as expensive name-brand ones. The fabric felt the same as the soft material with a four-way stretch in the exact same shade of pink as my Lulu strappy bra.

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The Wonderful World of Lulu Dupes

So, then I started shopping for cropped hoodies, leggings, tanks, sports bras, jackets, and running shorts—finding that three or four of these products matched the price of just one Lululemon item. These are Lulu products that I love to run or lounge in.

Lululemon dupes pin
Pin these Lululemon dupes on Amazon for runners for later!

Now, some of the Amazon products I did end up returning because they didn’t fit right or the material felt stiff. Those items aren’t on this list and if I had read the customer reviews before buying, I would have noticed that other Amazon shoppers had the same experience.

But below is the list of the best Lululemon dupes on Amazon. My hope is that these items save Lululemon fans money during your holiday shopping season and keep you motivated to work out even as the days get shorter and colder.

By the way, none of these are affiliate links!

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My top best dupes for Lululemon workout clothes are:

  • Coloskin Define Jacket
  • Micron Scuba Hoodie
  • Soothfeel joggers
  • Auerfin running shorts
  • Hey Nuts biker shorts
  • Hey Nuts running shorts
  • Pander Everywhere belt bag
  • Baleaf mini tennis skirt
  • Leneko strappy sports bra
  • Nexonic flowy shorts
  • The Gym People racerback tank

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What is a good alternative to Lululemon?

Below are some of the best Lululemon alternatives in style and cost:

Lululemon dupes post
There are lots of reasonably priced workout clothing companies on the market today to compete with Lululemon.
  • CRZ Yoga
  • Soothfeel
  • Hey Nuts
  • ODODOS leggings

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So, let’s get to the dupes list!

12+ Best Lululemon Dupes on Amazon for Runners

  1. Lululemon Define Jacket Dupe

If you love the slim fit and buttery soft feel of the Lululemon Define Jacket ($118) then you’ll love this Coloskin

Lululemon Align Jacket dupe
Lulu Align Jacket dupe

Amazon dupe which has all the signature features of the Lulu long sleeve jacket: soft fabric, cropped fit, shape-fitting, zip-up, thumbholes, and four-way stretch. This lightweight jacket comes in 16 colors and is only $29.99!

  1. Lululemon Scuba Hoodie Dupe

If you love the style of the Lululemon Scuba Hoodie but don’t want to fork over for the $118 price tag, then you’ll love the Microson Half Zip Hoodie. It’s the real deal!: warm and cute, in a cropped fit with heavy fabric. It’s become my uniform lately!

Lululemon scuba hoodie dupe
Lulu scuba hoodie dup

This hoodie does arrive a bit wrinkled so you either need to throw it on the anti-wrinkle dry cycle or let it hang for a day or two before wearing. This Amazon dupe is only $37.99, comes in 18 different colors, plus thumb holes to boot!

  1. Lululemon Align Joggers Dupe

If you love the comfort and fit of the Lululemon Align Joggers but don’t want to pay $89 bucks for them or be limited by just a few colors, then these Soothfeel joggers are your solution. They come in

Lululemon Align Joggers dupe
Lululemon Align Joggers dupe

As a runner-up, these The Gym People tapered leg lounge pants are also comfortable and flattering, coming in at just $29 and 15 color choices!

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  1. Lululemon Hotty Hot Shorts Dupe

The Lululemon Hotty Hot Shorts are ubiquitous because they are amazing! But the quantities have been limited, making it hard to find the color and size you need. These Soothfeel running shorts fill the gap. They come 24 colors, ship ultra-fast, and are about $15 cheaper than the Lulu running shorts, priced at just $25. And these shorts are almost an exact replica of the real thing that it just

doesn’t seem fair.

The same is true for these Auerfin running shorts. They come in 23 colors and are only $27.99. They are almost

Lululemon Hotty Hot Shorts dupe
Lululemon Hotty Hot Shorts dupe

identical to the Lulu Hotty Hot shorts right down to the mesh detail and pockets.

  1. Lululemon Align Shorts Dupe

These Hey Nuts Biker Shorts from Amazon are how I discovered the world of Lulu dupes. They look and feel just like the Lulu Align shorts, priced at $64. But these shorts come in more colors

Whitney in Lululemon Align shorts dupe
Wearing my Lululemon Align shorts dupe

and are only $20.99. Even the logo on the back looks like the Lululemon logo if you aren’t looking closely. I’ve worn these to lift, run (…on the anti-gravity treadmill as I am injured) and cross-train. They fit comfortably and have held up.

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  1. Lululemon Speed Shorts Dupe

While we are talking about Lululemon running shorts (this is a running website after all), these HeyNuts running

Lululemon hot hot shorts dupe
Lululemon Speed Shorts dupe

shorts are almost identical to the Lululemon speed-up shorts.  They are about $12 cheaper, coming in at $27.99. But they also fill the void of low quantities of colors and sizes.

  1. Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

You likely see Lululemon’s Everywhere Belt Bag everywhere—from elementary school girls to moms on field trips. It’s no wonder. Fanny packs are incredibly convenient. (I learned

Lululemon everywhere belt bag dupe
Lululemon everywhere belt bag dupe

this on Halloween when sporting one as part of my Roller Barbie costume). And these are fashionable, not dorky.

This Pander Everywhere Belt Bag Amazon dupe comes in 12 colors, waterproof fabric, and is adjustable and versatile (you can also wear it as a cross-body bag). Even the logo resembles the Lulu logo and placement—at a fraction of the cost: $15.99 vs. $38. The biggest drawback is that the dupe doesn’t come in Lululemon’s vibrant color scheme.

Lululemon Tennis skirt dupe
Lululemon Tennis skirt dupe
  1. Lululemon Mid-rise Mini Tennis Skirt

Just as popular as the belt bag is the Lulu pleated tennis skirt. This Baleaf mini tennis skirt is almost exactly the same. It is a high-rise with tummy control, pleats, and grippers so it doesn’t slide, breathable, and flattering. This skirt comes in 9 colors versus Lululemon’s 3—and is only $29.99 versus Lulu’s price of $49-79. Lulu is almost out of most of its sizes!

  1. Lululemon Energy Sports Bra

I’ve basically lived in my Lululemon Energy Sports Bras since 2017. They are comfortable and easy to put on and take off. They also offer me the support I need through compression, and I love the strappy style. Unfortunately,

Lululemon Energy Sports Bra dupe
Lululemon Energy Sports Bra dupe

Lulu’s supplies have been hit or miss, so I have filled the void with this Leneko sports bra which comes in 12 beautiful color options, almost identical cut, and a wide selection of sizes. The price is only $17.99, too, as compared to Lulu’s $52.

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  1. Lululemon Align Pant

Lulu’s Align Leggings are the first Lulu leggings I’ve ever owned. They are buttery soft and stretchy and comfortable to run or lounge in. I have several pairs! The threads have never come undone, but the fabric does pill over time—especially if put in the dryer. So I have refreshed my supply with these Lulu legging Amazon dupes from ODODOS.

Lululemon Align Pant dupe
Lululemon Align Pant dupe

These leggings come in 15 color options and patterns, complete with a side pocket. And are only $24.98 versus Lulu’s Align leggings which top out at $118! They have less vibrant colors than Lululemon, but enough to fit your desires, I bet!

  1. Lululemon Butterfly Shorts

Another super popular Lululemon fashion trend among moms and girls alike is the flowy Lululemon butterfly shorts (or flower shorts). Their ruffly shorts are everywhere—fitting nice and loose on the bottom and high-rise on the top, with an inside liner. These Lulu butterfly shorts dupes by Nexonic come in a whopping 27 colors for only $16.92 versus the Lulu price of $59!

Lululemon butterfly shorts dupe
Lululemon butterfly shorts dupe
  1. Lululemon Wundertrain Racerback Tank Top

Lululemon Wunder Train tank dupe
Lululemon Wunder Train tank dupe

If you love the cropped Lululemon Wundertrain Racerback tank top with its built-in sports bra, you will love the similar look by The Gym People. It doesn’t come in nearly as many colors as Lululemon (just 4 compared to 14) but it’s nearly half the price ($23. 99 vs. $39). This tank is high-quality, and the fit is comfortable and attractive.

I hope these Lululemon dupes keep you motivated in your fitness goals for 2024 while saving some money!

If you need guidance with your training and an extra dose of accountability, check out my run coaching services. Also, be sure to check out my free training plans:


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