Should Runners Do Pilates?

Pilates seems to be having a moment. A lot of pro runners like Keira D’Amato and elite runners like Andrea Pomaranski swear by it for improving strength, performance, and injury prevention. But should runners do Pilates really? After all, we also hear how if you want to get stronger and feel the benefits as a … Read more

Whitney Heins doing a kettlebell swing in a pink shirt

Strength Training for Marathon Runners (Expert Tips + Moves)

Strength training for the marathon should balance out your marathon training program, says Mary Johnson, founder of Lift. Run. Perform. As your run training gets more intense, your lifting should get less intense. The strength training for marathon program should include heavy weights and lower reps, lighter weights with higher reps, isometric holds, eccentric moves, … Read more

tight pelvic floor muscles

Tight Pelvic Floor Muscles in Runners: Symptoms & Solutions

After childbirth, it’s become more common to think about the strength of your pelvic floor. After all, the pelvic floor, the muscles that hold up the contents of your pelvis and have been working overtime for nine months. But this work can lead to weak pelvic floor muscles and also tight pelvic floor muscles which … Read more


Pregnancy Core Exercises (Expert Tips & 6 Key Moves)

You can do a sit-up pregnant. NO! You can’t! It’s dangerous!…You can do a plank. NO! Stop! You’ll hurt the baby! There is so much confusion and misinformation out there regarding safe pregnancy core exercises. So, I’m setting the record straight with key information and a suggested ab workout for pregnancy. When it comes to … Read more


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