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Welcome to The Mother Runners

I’m Whitney Heins, the founder of The Mother Runners, a VDOT-O2 certified running coach, 2:54 marathoner, 1:20 half-marathoner, freelance writer, a former award-winning TV news journalist…and most importantly, a mom of two beautiful, crazy kids. My insights and The Mother Runners have been featured by Nike, SELF magazineRunner’s WorldWomen’s Running MagazineHuffington Post, the recent Born to Run training guide, and more.

I’m thrilled to share all I learn with you so you can be your best selves on and off the roads. After all, running makes us better mothers, and vice versa.

Running is such an individual sport but when you become a mother, it can require a whole team of people and major schedule finessing to help you get out the door. It can require countless times of crying babies being pulled off you and pre-pre-dawn wake-ups to ensure it happens before the day’s craziness sets in.

At The Mother Runners, you’ll find information for all things at the intersection of running and motherhood brought to you by my personal experiences and research, and conversations with other Mother Runners and experts.

Get insider tips for fitting in training, expert postpartum fitness advice, and effective strategies for balancing motherhood and your running goals. Join us to prioritize self-care and achieve your personal best.


Whitney has made such a positive difference in my life, and her impact reaches far beyond realizing my potential as a mother runner. She not only supports me with an individualized training plan but with her heart and soul as a fellow mother runner.”

Courtney F.

“I have learned so much from Whitney. Strength training exercises, pacing tips, and fueling guidance have been particularly helpful. Whitney is warm and encouraging and I always look forward to her responses after I input my runs!”

Rachel H. 

“Whitney makes sure to know where you are currently at as a runner, builds on any weaknesses, and allows your strengths to shine. She is prompt,  flexible, kind, and goes above and beyond any price she lists as what’s included. She truly loves the sport and can’t help but be as supportive as possible.” 

Morgan H. 

“More than a coach she is a friend, she keeps you motivated. Her messages and check-ins are what keeps me going to get better at it.  She guides you step by step in your goal.  I can say, it is worth having a coach like her in my life.

Jennifer C. 

Whitney always kept an open line of communication; Being a mother runner (both Whitney and myself) sometimes means texts at odd hours and responses at odd times due to managing kids, spouse, and work.”

Emily B. 

“With so much uncertainty that pregnancy brings, Whitney helped me understand what was safe, right for the moment and could strengthen my body throughout my pregnancy. She was a safe and knowledgeable sounding board, flexible, and helped me meet my goals.”

Jessica J. 

“Whitney helps take the stress of training out by providing complete training/workout schedules and is always there to help switch up schedules when life happens and also to provide needed encouragement. She has helped to give advice and suggestions when needed from fueling to stretching and all the in-betweens.”

Elizabeth M. 

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