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What to Wear for a Cold 5K

Running a cold 5k can be confusing and challenging. Dressing in moisture-wicking layers and running by effort over pace, plus having more than one goal, can help you run your best on race day. The winter season can be long and challenging. Unexpected weather patterns, false springs, snow and ice: it is all a recipe … Read more

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Carb Loading Before a Marathon: How to Nail Your Nutrition

Your body’s primary source of fuel for running comes from carbohydrates which are stored as glycogen in the body. The trouble is this source is limited to about 120 minutes of exercise. Runners who run long distances such as a marathon or half marathon need to carb load to maximize their fuel stores to run … Read more

whitney heins running a race

45 Best Motivational Running Quotes for Race Day

Motivational running quotes are “attentional cues,” says sports psychologist Dr. Haley Perlus. They can trigger our attention and move it to a more positive space when our thoughts get out of control on race day, or in a tough workout. Here are 45 of the best running quotes to motivate you to do your best. … Read more


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