8 Best Pocket Bras for Runners

Running with a phone is not only important for convenience but also runner safety. I have tried dozens of pocket bras for runners and round up my favorite eight. My all-time favorite is the Relay Active pocket bra, Fittsafe pocket bra, and Tracksmith Allston bra. All three have pockets in difference places. Read on to find your favorite pocket bra for running.

I almost always wear a sports bra with a pocket when I run. In fact, I am sure I am known around my neighborhood as the woman who runs with a phone on her chest (maybe resembling a robot…).

Relay Active Bra
I am obsessed with the Relay Active Pocket bra.

I love the ease of being able to access my phone while running. Yes, yes, I should unplug and run mindful miles. But I like being able to answer my son’s calls, change playlists or podcasts, see alerts, and easily call someone if I need help.

I also use pockets in my bra to store fuel for running and find it so much easier to grab gels or salt tablets from my chest than inside pocket on shorts, for example. 

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I recommend all runners run with their phone from a safety perspective. Sure, watches like the Apple watch are easier to run with but I don’t find them to be as user-friendly—especially should you need to call for help.

For about a decade now, I have run in a Lululemon sports bra that has two breast pockets. However, Lulu stopped making these sports bras years ago and mine have slowly deteriorated. They’ve gotten stiff, smelly, and have permanent deodorant streaks.

Clearly, it’s time for me to find some new pocket bras for running.

So, here we are. I asked around, got out my credit card, and offer the 7 best sports bras with pockets in the front and back.

pocket bras for runners pin
Pin these pocket bras for later!

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How do I know the right sports bra size to get?

Finding the right sports bra size can be tricky since many sports bras are sized in small, medium, or large, etc. Therefore, I suggest buying a few sizes and returning the ones that don’t fit.

You’ll want a sports bra that allows you to fit two fingers under the straps and bottom band. If it’s tighter than that, you’ll get painful chaffing. If it allows more space, you’ll lack support.

Whitney Heins racing
I rely on pocket bras to store my fuel on race day.

If the sports bra has hooks, test it out the on loosest setting—this will ensure it still fits even if it stretches out. (The below sports bras do not have hook closures).

If the sports bra measures in number sizes, follow these instructions for getting the correct size:

  • Measure your rib cage, then measure over the fullest part of your breasts at the nipple line.
  • Subtract these two numbers from each other to get your bra number size. So if you measure 26 for rib cage and 32 for breast size, your number size is 6.

Compression vs. Encapsulation

Sports bras come in two types (which you will see below):

  • Compression: these sports bras basically flatten your boobs, so they don’t jiggle when you are running. Compression is best suited for smaller chests.
  • Encapsulation: these sports bras are molded with cups or underwire. These are the type of sports bra that look like they have boobs even when not on anyone. Those with larger or denser breasts tend to like this type of sports bra better.

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Does wearing a sports bra with a phone pocket cause cancer?

There is no conclusive or consistent evidence that cell phones have been linked to cancer. Still, wearing a phone near your breasts may make you nervous. If it does, choose one of the sports bras with a phone pocket in the back. The downside of these sports bra pockets is that it isn’t as easy to reach or access your phone.

Pin these pocket bras for later!

I like to wear my phone in my left breast pocket. I try to switch sides just to balance it out.

8 Best Sports Bras with Phone Pockets for Runners

Okay, below are the 7 best pocket bras with pockets for phones for runners. They were tested either by myself, or other mother runners of various chest sizes and running abilities. These sports bras have pockets in the front and/or back and some also include pockets for smaller items such as keys or credit cards.

So, let’s go!

Best Sports Bra with Pocket in Front

Best for Race Day: Tracksmith Allston Bra

The Tracksmith Allston Bra is a buttery soft and comfortable bra, allowing natural movement of your gals. It is

Whitney Heins running in red Tracksmith
I love the Tracksmith Allston bra and short tights for race day and speed work.

one of my favorite sports bra with phone pocket because of how comfy it is and how large the front chest pocket is. In fact, you can stuff the pocket full of multiple gels and your phone with room to spare. I prefer sports bras with a phone pocket on the front because I reach things easily. This bra pairs well with the Tracksmith Lane Five short tights, making you feel fast for race day. Indeed, this is what I wore for the CIM marathon.

My biggest complaint about this bra is that there is no cup or lining so your nipples are, umm, very prominent (especially when sweating). Also, there is a lack of structure and compression, so there isn’t a lot of support for those with larger busts (not me!). The chest band also took some wears to loosen for me. Plus, the phone pocket is so large that things slip and slide and can be hard to find. I meticulously planned the order of my gels for my race, so I didn’t have to search for them.

Price: $72


  • Buttery soft material with minimal chafing
  • Attractive, sporty design with matching shorts
  • Easy access to pocket
  • Phone will not fly out during faster running
Tracksmith Allston pocket bra
Tracksmith Allston pocket bra is comfortable and soft.
  • Quick drying
  • Pretty color options
  • Durable fabric
  • Cons:

    • Chest pocket is large so items slip around
    • Little nipple coverage
    • Takes some wears to break in
    • Only sizes up to size C with only 3 colors
    • Expensive
    Pin these pocket bras for later!

    Best for Long Runs: Rabbit UtilitBRA-vo

    Rabbit’s UtiliBRA-vo offers a laser-cut pocket between your shoulder blades that keeps your phone secured when running. This bra comes in an attractive design with medium-width straps and removable cups. I deem this one of the best and most comfortable bras with a pocket for long runs because it feels secure, lightweight, and comfortable with no chafing for the long haul. It comes in several different colors and designs.

    rabbit pocket bra in pink
    The Rabbit pocket bra stays comfortable throughout the miles.

    Price: $50


    • No chafing
    • Pretty design in pretty colors
    • Lightweight
    • Quick-drying
    • Phone stays secure


    • Only goes up to a C cup
    • Straps are not adjustable
    • Hard to put phone in and out unless you have good shoulder range of motion

    Best Storage: adidas Medium Support Pocket Bra

    I have fallen in love with my adidas sports bra. I partnered with adidas as part of their blogger network and was pretty jazzed to find out they had a sports bra with a pocket since I was in the market for one. At first, this pocket sports bra took some getting used to since the chest band is much longer than the Lululemon one I typically wear. But this bra quickly overtook my Lulu fave because I love the individual front pockets and the support design.

    orange Adidas pocket bra
    adidas pocket bra has optimal storage.

    While this sports bra is compressive, it also has individual cups for a more flattering (instead of pancake) look. The three individual pockets on the front make it easy to sort my phone from my energy gels for quick and easy access during fast workouts or races. Also, this bra features a clever reflective bungee in the back for holding the top you shed when you get hot. Making it even better, the adidas Pocket Bra is made from recycled plastic. I feel lightning fast when I pair it with the adidas 3 stripe short leggings.

    Price: $44 marked down from $55


    • Comfortable
    • Individual front pockets allow for optimal and organized storage
    • Hooks in back allow for holding top
    • Individual cups
    orange Adidas pocket bra
    Adidas pocket bra has a place to hold your shirt in back.
  • Fast-drying
  • Cons:

    • Long chest band may be uncomfortable or hot for some
    • Only two color options

    Prettiest: Oiselle Pockito & Fly-out Sports Bras

    I love the Oiselle Pockito pocket bra because it has a front pocket plus two side pockets in an attractive mesh. The design of the Pockito is pretty but supportive with double straps in the back. It features full coverage, compression with removable cups, with a wide, stable chest band. Small items like a key or small gel can fit in the sides but may rub. The middle phone pocket is good for easy runs, but your phone can fly out if you use this for speedwork.

    If you like Oiselle and want a pocket bra for fast running, try the Fly-out bra which I think replaced the Pockito and has a back phone pocket. It comes in pretty colors and Oiselle’s token flying bird pattern.

    Price: $58


    • Soft fabric
    • 3 pockets
    • Pretty design with an array of colors
    • Supportive for high impact


    • Phone pocket doesn’t securely hold phone for fast running
    • Can be hard to access phone in the back pocket

    Most Storage FITTSAFE Pocket Bra

    Brad new! FITTSAFE, a brand dedicated to keeping women safe on the run has designed a sports crop bra with a zip pocket below your breasts on the front that can easily hold a phone and other items. It also has an

    Whitney in orange FITTSAFE pocket bra
    FITTSAFE is launching a new line of running apparel with lots of pockets to keep us safe on the run!

    internal pocket not he back for smaller items. The cut with cup liners make this crop incredibly flattering and the material is super silky and smooth. 

    Price: Coming soon!


    • zip pocket below chest is comfortable and secure
    • two pocket options on front and back
    • Supportive and flattering fit!


    • Only in crop length
    • Limited colors and supply

    Price: $54.99 

    Best Sports Bra with Pocket in Back

    Best Crop Top: RelayActive Kella Pocket Crop Top

    Relay Active Bra worn by Whitney Heins
    The pocket bra from Relay Active is functional and the softest running gear I’ve ever had.

    RelayActive is an active apparel company founded by Ann Mazur, an Olympic Trials marathoner and founder of Runners Love Yoga. Ann uses fun, unique patterns in her designs and her new Kella Pocket Crop Top is no exception. The top is supportive with an interior bra design, ultra-comfortable, flattering, and ultra-cute. This crop and matching shorts has quickly become my FAVORITE running outfit. Nothing is softer, prettier, or more functional. I am OBSESSED.

    The back phone pocket is easy to access and runners say their phone stayed put with no bouncing. I can grab my phone by pulling the top up (I have very limited arm mobility). They also said they didn’t chafe and this top has become a favorite for long runs, opting to keep gels in the pocket rather than a phone. If you like Ann’s style but are looking for a pocket bra, check out her Brooklyn Pocket Bra.

    Price: $54


    • Flattering design and patterns
    RelayActive pocket crop top in tie dye
    RelayActive pocket crop tops come in beautiful and unique colors and patterns. They are super stylish!
  • No phone bouncing
  • Softest fabric I have ever felt in running gear
  • Breast forms are attractive and stay put
  • Incredibly comfortable
  • love the matching shorts with side pockets for lots of storage
  • Cons:

    • I don’t have any

    Most Comfortable: Senita Athletics Sarah Pocket Sports Bra

    The Senita Sarah Pocket Bra was the most popular sports bra with pocket mentioned by mother runners in my Instagram. Several of the moms said they started wearing Senita for comfort while nursing and then segued into the pocket bra so they could run with their phones.

    Senita pocket bra
    The Senita pocket bra comes in pretty colors and patterns.

    This bra comes in sweat-wicking, ultra-soft fabric, flat seams for zero chafing, medium impact, and a back pocket for phone storage. The design is compressive with removable cups. Users say the phone stays put in the back even while stretching.

    Price: $32 


    • Comfortable
    • Several patterns, colors, and wide spectrum of sizes
    • Removable cups
    • Fast-drying
    • Stretchy yet support fabric
    • Lightweight and open design keeps you cool


    • Some say it sizes too small
    • Some wearers say there was too much movement and it wasn’t compressive enough
    • Hard to put phone in and out unless you have good shoulder range of motion

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    Most Supportive: Brooks Drive 3 Pocket Bra

    The Brooks Drive 3 Pocket Bra looks like a straightforward basic running bra with a traditional design, but it offers special features that set it apart. First, the fabric is soft, moisture-wicking, and allows for supported yet natural movement of your chest. There are no seams which mean no chafing. It’s compressive with removable cups so you can choose how much support you want.

    Finally, the Brooks Drive 3 Pocket Bra comes with a phone pocket high in the back between your shoulder blades, making it easier to access your phone. Two smaller pockets are hidden on the side of your rib cage for items like a key or credit card.

    Price: $25 marked down from $50

    Brooks pocket bra in yellow
    The Brooks pocket bra boasts a simple and supportive design.


    • Moves with you
    • High support
    • Wide size range
    • 5 pretty colors
    • High neckline
    • Easy-access phone pocket and two side pockets
    • Inexpensive


    • Limited availability
    • Runs small or sizes are inconsistent
    • Can be hard to take on and off
    • Cups fold

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