10 Best Running Gloves & Mittens for Cold Weather: Tested & Reviewed

Staying warm while running in the cold is important for staying consistent with your running goals. I am reviewing the 10 best running gloves and running mittens. These running gloves come with different features. I have found the absolute warmest running mittens are the Smartwool mittens. They don’t have special features like etips or reflective material, but they are the warmest! Read about my top ten running mittens and gloves below!

I have something called Raynaud Syndrome which makes my fingers (and toes!) get really cold really fast. If the temps drop below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, there is a good chance my fingers have already turned stark white and lost feeling and function. This condition makes finding the best running gloves crucial for running in cold weather.

raynauds syndrom showing through yellow fingers
I have Raynaud’s Syndrome so I get cold very easily. Thus I prefer to dress warm and shed a layer when running in the fall.

If I am not able to run in warm running gloves or warm running mittens, then my long runs are tanked because I’m unable to use my fingers to do things like get out gels or take in hydration. Holding a water bottle makes it worse because the position limits my body heat accumulation, and my fingers essentially freeze. And forget trying to do anything on my phone like change a podcast or send a text message.

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I come home from my runs, and I can’t even open the door to my house. My hands are like clubs just batting at objects. I’m not kidding. It’s ridiculous. And it makes the rest of my body get so easily chilled to the bone. I wonder how I ever lived up north.

Raynaud’s is not a life-threatening condition, but it can be very annoying and make marathon training in extreme cold that much more difficult—and, well, unpleasant. So this winter, I am on a mission to find the warmest gloves for cold-weather runs.

best running mittens pin
Pin these best running gloves for winter for later!

How I tested & reviewed these running gloves & mittens

Here is how I did this. I scoured online reviews AND reached out to my runner friends and my thousands of Instagram followers to curate this list of the best running gloves for winter running. Then, I narrowed down the list, testing them outside on long cold walks, and windy, and wet walks (I am currently injured).

To gauge the comfort level, warmth level, and functionality of my Raynauds-prone fingers and of the gloves, I tested them in different weather conditions (including water and resistance touchscreen compatibility). After all, the unicorn running glove is one that is warm but you can also still use your hands. We don’t want to be running in bulky ski mittens—especially when we need to do things like open gels, drink from bottles, or text our families. (Though, ski mittens like these Goretex ones work for shorter runs where you don’t need your hands.)

Also, pro tip: put Hot Hands or Ocoopa (rechargeable hand warmers) in your gloves or mittens for added warmth! 

Note: None of these running mittens or gloves are affiliate partners.

Below are the Top 10 Best Running Gloves and Mittens for Winter Running, with my typical pros and cons round-up:

Thanks to all who shared their favorite winter running gloves. Let’s get to the detailed list and reviews, shall we?

Top 10 Best Running Gloves & Mittens for Winter Running: Tested & Reviewed

Warmest: Smartwool Active Fleece Insulated Training Glove


smart wool mittens
These Smartwool gloves are about as warm functional gloves can get.

You can’t go wrong with Smartwool products, in my opinion, because Merino wool truly is smart wool with

temperature regulation capabilities that wick away moisture while trapping in heat. This is why I am kicking this list off with Smartwool’s insulated gloves. These Active Fleece Insulated Training Gloves are meant for skiers but are functional for runners doing those early morning or evening winter runs. The nylon overlay on the palm allows you to hold onto your water bottle or energy gels on the long run. The soft merino wool gives you soft warmth that protects you from whatever mother nature brings.


  • Moisture-wicking materials
  • Double-layer knit construction for optimal warmth
  • Reflective elements for low-light conditions
  • Windproof
  • Touchscreen-compatible thumb and index finger
  • Moneyback guarantee


Lululemon gloves
These Lululemon gloves are popular for function and style.
  • Not waterproof gloves


The Lululemon Run for It All Hooded Gloves were the most popular gloves amongst mother runners, despite its higher price than comparable designs. These hooded, windproof water-repellent gloves have soft, breathable fleece to keep you warm without making your palms sweaty. The tech-friendly fingers allow you to easily access your phone to text your husband about when you will be home or if you need crew support. Oh, and they are pretty!


  • Pretty design
  • Ultra soft
  • Breathable
  • Water-resistant
  • Windproof


  • Runs small
  • Mittens flap when not in use, no secure

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Best for the Money: Trailheads Convertible Mittens

Trailheads convertible mittens
The Trailheads convertible mittens are the best for the money.


I was interested in the Trailheads Convertible Mittens because several of the reviews I read online were from people with Raynaud’s as well who said these mittens were extremely warm. Compared to the more expensive convertible mittens, these stacked up. I like how the mitten flaps can be secured via magnets so they don’t flap around when running and I also like the silicone grippers on the palms so it’s easy to hold a phone or energy gels. Flip the top off if you need to use your fingers for your phone.

My main complaint with these gloves is that as a person with Raynaud’s the top flap needs to be more than thin nylon, in cold temps below 40, my fingers got cold unless running fast. For most people, these convertible gloves will work, but if you get really cold easily, these mittens are awesome for milder temperatures.

The best gloves & mittens for running
Pin these best running gloves for winter for later!


  • Flap tucks away
  • Silicone grippers for great grip
  • Exposed fingers so you can use your phone
  • Reflective safety strip for visibility
  • Less expensive than competitors for similar quality


  • Doesn’t stand up to freezing and below temperatures
  • Finger sizes run small
  • Not water resistant

Best for Windy Runs: SUGOi Zap Wind Mitt


If you have Raynauds and want an inexpensive mitten to wear on cold runs, the Sugoi Zap Wind Mitt is your mitten. The biggest difference in this design, as it compares to the Trailheads, is that it doesn’t separate your fingers. I have found that around freezing temperatures and below, my hands stand warmer if my fingers are able to transfer heat to one another aka be together in mittens not gloves.

Sugoi zap mitt
These Sugoi mittens stand up to the elements.

These do that and stand up to wind and are easy to layer under which I do if it is below freezing when walking (not needed when running where I get my core temperature up). Because these aren’t the most expensive mittens you can buy, they aren’t the most durable. The stitching comes undone, especially if washed frequently.


  • Soft and warm
  • Large enough to layer under it
  • Mitten-style keeps fingers warmer
  • Touchscreen compatibility with a conductive thumb
  • Stands up to wind
  • Reflective accents


  • Not water resistant
  • Comes unstitched if not hand-washed
  • Not super warm in freezing temps
  • Bulky and not easy to grip things

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Most Functional: The North Face ETip Recycled Gloves


These North Face lightweight gloves are perfect for your fast runs in somewhat cold temps, especially in the fall and spring. They are comfortable and soft, keep your hands functional, and are great for mildly cold runs. I have had these gloves for many years and are my go-to for fall and spring runs because they don’t get too hot and are easy to slip off and hold. I love that they have five-finger touchscreen capability and grippers so it’s almost like not wearing gloves at all. These are also my favorite to layer under mittens like the Sugoi or Smartwool.


  • Most functional thanks to lightweight design, touchscreen compatibility, and grippers
North face gloves
The North face gloves are almost like you’re not wearing gloves at all (but your hands are toasty).
  • Made with recycled polyester
  • Soft fleece
  • Perfect to layer under thick mittens
  • Good for windy runs
  • Cons:

    • Not for super cold or wet runs
    • No reflective details for visibility

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    Smartest Design: Oiselle Lux Watch Window Gloves


    These Oiselle Watch Window Gloves were recommended by Michelle Baxter (you may know her as @therunnersplate on Instagram) who lived and trained hard in Alaska and now Minnesota. She knows cold. While these aren’t the warmest gloves, what sets them apart is that they have a hole where your GPS watch is so you can see your splits without having to mess around with slipping your gloves down. The gloves are also nice and long to guard your wrists against cold air, and they come in the prettiest colors on this list. They are awesome to layer over with a mitten.


    • Watch window makes seeing paces easy
    Oiselle gloves
    These Oiselle gloves are genius with their watch hole.
  • Beautiful colors
  • Extra long to keep wrist warm
  • Most functional with touch screen capability on thumb and pointer finger
  • Perfect for layering over in extra cold temps
  • Great quality and smart design for the money
  • Cons:

    • Not water or windproof
    • Not the warmest gloves
    • No reflective detail for safety

    Best for the Elements: Brooks Draft Hybrid Gloves


    These Brooks gloves are perfect for layer and protecting you against whatever elements Mother Nature has to offer including water and wind. Pair these with something like the Oiselle gloves and you have versatility and strength to withstand whatever winter weather you encounter. These are lightweight, and breathable, with a good fit that keep my hands warm in 30 degrees and above. The Brooks gloves are not the best for those who want to use their hands for grabbing things or their phones while running as there are no grippers or touchscreen capability.


    • Water-resistant
    • Windproof
    • Perfect for later over lightweight gloves
    Brooks convertible mittens
    These Brooks convertible mittens give you all you could want in a running glove and are on sale!
  • Mesh inserts to block wind into wrists
  • No reflective details
  • Cons:

    • Not suited for below freezing temps
    • Bulky
    • No touchscreen capability

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    Most Versatile on the Run: Saucony Solstice Convertible Mitt

    $28.95 (on sale)

    If you think of a running glove or mitten, you probably think of Saucony. These were the first pair of running-specific mittens I ever bought and I was sad when I had to throw them while running the Boston Marathon because I warmed up too much. They are lightweight but keep your hands warm and dry in light rain. The convertible mitten tucks easily into a back pocket so you can adjust it while running. I’ve worn these while running and also while outside with my family, sometimes layering under my Smartwool mittens. The reflective features help you stay seen. (Also try, the Saucony Reheat Mittens which have a fleece on the inside).


    • Breathable, lightweight design
    • Keeps you warm and dry in wind, cold, and rain
    • Best for temps down to 30 degrees
    • Reflective accepts
    • Flaps easily tuck so you can adjust while running
    Saucony convertible mitten
    The Saucony convertible mitten was my go-to for YEARS.
  • Easy to store
  • Conductive print on tips of forefingers and thumbs
  • Bright colors and reflective logo for safety
  • Uses recycled materials
  • Cons:

    • Not warm in the 20s and below
    • Wrist is tight
    • Seams come unstitched if washed in the machine a lot

    Best Everyday: Rabbit EZ Gloves


    If you’re looking for simple, warm comfort, then the Rabbit EZ Gloves are it. They are perfect for those moderate-temp days in spring or fall, with a perfect fit like a warm hug. Oh, and they’re perfect as a liner glove for pairing with a warmer mitten or glove. They are light, breathable, and easy to use with your phone. I also wear these as my everyday gloves because of their simple design (e.g. no neon colors or loud reflective lines).

    Rabbit EZ gloves
    Rabbit EZ gloves have a simple, soft design and perfect fit.


    • Warm, soft, and breathable
    • Lightweight
    • Quick drying
    • Touchscreen finger and thumbs


    • Not wind or waterproof
    • No reflective details
    • No grip
    • Not suited for cold or extreme cold temps

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    Best for Race Day: Trendsoux Gloves


    Trendsoux gloves
    The Trendsoux gloves are warm, functional, and cheap so toss them during a race and don’t think twice.

    This list is not complete without a pair of super cheap gloves that do the job with no frills. My marathoning friend in New York City raves about the Trendsoux gloves on Amazon because they are cheap and warm. These are her chosen gloves to wear to races because if she needs to toss them, she can without worrying about the lost money. These warm gloves even have conductive yarn so you can use your phone without taking them off (though they are a bit finicky when it comes to this). They have anti-slip features on the palm so you can hold your gels. And they have a soft inner lining and an elastic cuff for extra warmth.

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    • Can’t beat the cost
    • Warm to the upper 30s.
    • Touchscreen fingertips
    • Anti-slip grip
    • Elastic cuff 


    • Not waterproof
    • Conductive fingers don’t work great
    • Can’t be put in the dryer or they are done.
    • No reflective material 

    I hope this l list helps you find the perfect winter running gloves or mittens to help you go the distance. If not, when all else fails, just throw on a pair of wool socks. I’m not kidding.

    If you want a custom plan to fit your marathon goals with your busy schedule, check out my run coaching services. Also, be sure to check out my free training plans:



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