7 Best Maternity Running Tights for Pregnant Runners

Pregnancy can be uncomfortable enough. Too tight waistbands and saggy pants can make it worse. These six maternity running tights are comfortable for pregnant runners. My favorite is the Beyond Yoga maternity leggings which have a built in belly band for added support.

Few things are more annoying than having to pull up your pants all the time while pregnant. I feel like half my pregnancy was spent hiking up the back of my leggings—which makes you just feel that much bigger and less attractive as your body grows and feels foreign. The good news is, now there are wonderful maternity running tights that stay put. Indeed, maternity clothes have come a long way since I was pregnant!

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Trying to regular running tights that stay up is already a challenge. Trying to find maternity running leggings that don’t have the dreaded drop crotch is like finding a needle in a haystack.

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But we found the maternity running tights that are comfortable and stay put. In fact, we found seven of them.

I found these maternity running leggings by turning to my Instagram community. I had a follower who is also a pregnant runner ask me about good maternity workout leggings and I didn’t have answer for her. So I asked my followers and without fail, they provided me with awesome maternity clothing brands to check out. After getting my list, I went on to read the product descriptions and reviews. I weeded lut the maternity running leggings that had bad reviews.

The final list consists of seven maternity running tights that cute, comfy, and stay where they are supposed to be. They life much more comfortable for pregnant women!

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Let’s get to it!

7 Best Maternity Running Tights for Pregnant Runners

Beyond Yoga Bump Maternity Pocket Midi Legging — $110

Beyond Yoga Bump Maternity Pocket Midi Legging
Beyond Yoga Bump Maternity Pocket Midi Legging

The most popular maternity running tights among my Instagram followers were the Beyond Yoga maternity leggings with pockets. Pockets are always a plus and these pockets on each side allow you to run with your essentials. The complete over-the-belly waistband is incredibly comfortable because you don’t have a waistband rolling under your belly or digging into you. It also provides an extra barrier against a belly band. Pregnant wearers give rave reviews about the comfort of these leggings.

Users like to either fold up or down the waistband depending on the size of their bellies. They also love wearing these for running, to the gym or for lounging.


  • Adapts to your growing belly
  • Large pockets
  • Soft fabric
  • No sagging in the crotch
  • Comfortable and stretchy waistband 


  • Some complained of pilling and holes
  • best for low-impact workouts, so may not hold up to fast running

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Blanqi Maternity Belly Support Leggings + Pockets — $84

Blanqi Maternity Belly Support Leggings + Pockets
Blanqi Maternity Belly Support Leggings + Pockets

When doing research for this article was the first time I honestly heard of Blanqi. But after several of my followers mentioned them, I had to check them out. And sure enough, they seem to have a big fan base. The Blanqi maternity support leggings features the company’s patented three-zone belly support with x-shaped back reinforcement that helps relieve the baby-weight pressure off your pelvic floor through every trimester.

The new edition of leggings also have pockets on the side and features a buttery soft breathable fabric so you won’t be suffering on your runs in sticky, wet leggings. Wearers say they are the most comfortable leggings they own and wear them all the time.


  • Built-in support including belly band to offload your baby bump plus light compression for extra comfort
  • Expandable belly panel to go with as your body changes
  • Sweat-wicking microfiber fabric
  • Built-in belly
  • Two large side pockets that hold a smartphone
  • Over-bump design keeps leggings in place


  • Some say they run small

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Athleta Ultra High-Rise Elation Tights — $89

Athleta Ultra High-Rise Elation Tights
Athleta Ultra High-Rise Elation Tights

These Athleta high-waisted leggings aren’t specifically maternity tights but because they are ultra high-rise, they function as such. Athleta makes quality products. My daughter and I love their tights and I am always amazed by how well they stay put. These Athleta Elation tights are no different. Athleta’s Powervit fabric is buttery soft but also adds support. The three-layer unpinchable waistband doesn’t dig into your skin but also helps your pants from falling down! These leggings also come in some fun colors.


  • Ultra soft fabric and high quality
  • High-rise waist to cover your growing bump
  • Pretty colors
  • High-quality leggings
  • Can wear when not pregnant


  • Thin fabric
  • May not be comfortable beyond second trimester

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Senita Athletics Luxe Maternity Pants — $25

Senita Athletics Luxe Maternity Pants
Senita Athletics Luxe Maternity Pants

Senita is known for their beautifully bright colors and affordable pricing. The Lux Maternity Pants do not disappoint. They offer the ultimate comfortably fit with a roomy belly band that is comfy, breathable, and doesn’t constrict your bump. And of course, these maternity pants have side pockets so you can run with your keys, credit card, phone, etc. Wearers love the high-quality fabric that is just like regular Senita leggings. The biggest knock on these leggings is that they tend to run small so size up—especially to fit your growing tummy.


  • lots of different colors
  • Unbeatably affordable price
  • Comfortable waistband
  • Pockets!
  • best for high-impact activities and low-impact exercises


  • Runs small so can be hard to find the right fit, especially as your tummy grows

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Lululemon Align High-Rise Pants with Pockets — $128

Lululemon Align High-Rise Pants with Pockets
Lululemon Align High-Rise Pants with Pockets

Well, would it be a running tights list if Lulu wasn’t on it, would there be? People LOVE their Lululemon Align Tights. I have a couple of pairs and have to say the Nulu fabric is the softest fabric ever. Just like the Athleta, these tights are not specifically for maternity, but wearers love the high-rise waistband and then adapt by adding a belly band.

The four-way stretchy fabric and no-dig waistband with a hidden back pocket and side pockets add to the allure. The weight-less fabric also wicks moisture. This is another pant great for lounging or working out. (Pro tip: the cropped Align have more colors options).


  • Ultra-soft fabric
  • Sweat-wicking
  • Four-way stretch
  • Three pockets
  • Stylish
  • High-quality
  • Can wear when back at pre-pregnancy size
    Cropped Lululemon Align High-Rise Pants with Pockets
    Cropped Lululemon Align High-Rise Pants with Pockets


  • Does not grow with your bump
  • Limited colors

Belly Bandit Maternity Bump Support Leggings — $59.95

Belly Bandit makes one of our favorite belly bands. And guess what? They make maternity running leggings too! These leggings feature a customizable waistband adapt to your growing belly. They feature a soft comfortable material, and add extra support with soft underbelly ribbed paneling that smooths you from the waist down. These maternity leggings can be worn running, lounging, or as everyday wear.


  • Built-in belly support
  • Bump waistband adjust with you from first trimester to third trimester
    Belly Bandit Maternity Bump Support Leggings
    Belly Bandit Maternity Bump Support Leggings
  • Soft fabric


  • Not moisture-wicking high performance fabric
  • No pockets
  • No variety of colors

Nike One (M) High-Waisted Leggings — $65

The light and breathable Nike One (M) Leggings are best for high-impact activities like running. I have to admit, I was bit hesitant to include Nike in here (due to Lauren Freshman and Kara Goucher’s books), but the reviews sold me.

These leggings include zonal fabric designed to grow with you and the design can cover your entire bump, no matter the size. Or you can fold them down if you’d like. Users say they have worn them for HIIT workouts and running alike. And the support waistband goes all the way up the rib cage (great, but keep in mind, could get hot!).

Nike One (M)
Women's High-Waisted Leggings (Maternity)
Nike One (M)
Women’s High-Waisted Leggings (Maternity)


  • Best for high-impact
  • Dri-fit technology
  • Affordable price 
  • Sustainable materials
  • Variety of sizes


  • May run big
  • No pockets
  • A couple users said they sagged
  • You may not like buying from Nike

I hope this list of the best maternity workout clothes helps you find the perfect fit for your running tights. If not, a lot of pregnant women have a personal preference of just wearing regular running tights with a belly bad. You got this!

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