My Mother Runner Top Ten Posts for 2020

While 2020 has been a doozy of a year, there have been many bright spots. And a lot of those bright spots are the amazing people who (and experiences that) have taught me something about running, and well, life. So, in David Letterman-style (remember him?), I’m sharing with you my Mother Runner Top Ten Posts for 2020.

These top ten posts have changed the way I think about or do my running. In essence, they have been huge eye-openers in setting me up for a healthier and happier lifestyle and I hope they have the same impact on you, too.

The Mother Runners top ten tips

Mother Runner Top Ten Posts for 2020

  1. How to identify, treat, & prevent common running injuries with Joe Norton.

Why do most runners get injured? Because our hearts get stronger before our tendons, etc.:

 Most people’s cardiovascular and muscular fitness improves more quickly than the conditioning of their passive structures (cartilage, ligaments, tendons, bone). As a result, they are more susceptible to overuse injuries.

Physical therapist Joe Norton shares an at-home guide to identify, treat, and prevent common running injuries—and shares what the biggest mistakes we make when trying to fix our pains at home. And, shocker, it’s something most of us do almost instinctively. Read about the most common running injuries here.  

  1. Lessons learned from my running injury

I’ve spent this entire year trying to overcome a 2019 hamstring tear. The journey has been impactful for both my mind and body.

My biggest lessons that I want to share for injured runners is to not think about timelines and know that healing is not linear. To think that every week should be better than the last, that every pain is a setback, and that you should be healed in a set about of time will only frustrate you and take your eyes off the prize which his to get healthy! 

Read all about my journey here.

  1. An interview with “Speedy” Beatie Deutsch

Beatie Deutsche, a mom of 5, went from non-runner to a 2024 Olympic Marathon qualifier is a matter of a few years. When asked how to balances training with being a mom to 5 kids:

“Make sure you have people to support you. You can’t really do it all — if you like your house clean, hire a cleaner. Try to outsource the jobs that don’t need you as much so you can focus on your kids.”

See what fuels Beatie Deutsch here.

  1. Health Benefits for baby of running while pregnant with Acadia Gantz.

Many of us who are able to run while pregnant do so in fear and with guilt. But new studies show that running while pregnant not only makes mom healthier, it makes babies healthier, stronger, and arguably smarter.  

2011 study showed an improvement in fetal development including more lean muscle mass, increased attentiveness, heightened discipline, and more neurodevelopmentally advanced. Another study reported an increase in lean body mass in infants of mothers who exercised as well as seeing improved stress tolerance in these babies.

woman running while pregnant
Mother runners who run while pregnant should know their running is helping them and their babies.

Read all the facts from run coach and midwife Acadia Gantz here.

  1. Stop leaking while running with Carrie Pagliano

A lot of moms leak while running and think that a weak pelvic floor is the reason, and Kegels are the answer. That’s wrong. Pelvic floor specialist Carrie Pagliano explains how to figure out at home while you’re leaking and how to fix it.

Learn why leaking while running isn’t dangerous or unfixable here.

  1. How your period affects your running with Ellie Somers 

Getting your period during race day is not the worst thing in the world. It could actually give you some extra pep in your step. Physical therapist Ellie Somers explains how our periods affect our running and how to adapt our training to fit with our hormonal cycles.

Make your running and period become besties here.

  1. Running habits that will transform your running

I rounded-up 36 game-changing running habits that have transformed mother runners’ lives according to fellow mother runners and experts. These tips include how to eat to perform better, remedies for upset tummies, and hacks to recover faster.

Get all the running hacks to run your best here.

  1. 5 worst mistakes runners make

5 worst mistakes runners make
Checking your Garmin and obsessing over Strava is bound to steal your joy and hurt your performance.

This year has been one of reflection for me as I have been forced time and again to take time off running. This article is the result of this reflection—5 common mistakes runners make. These mistakes steal joy and hurt your performance.

Read on to check yourself.

  1. How to set running goals with Anne M.

Anne M. is another mother runner who went from non-runner to crazy fast mother runner in just a couple of years. Anne ticked off massive PR after massive PR during the pandemic. Meanwhile, she’s maintained a healthy relationship with running with her priorities in place.

She shares how she successfully keeps running fun.

  1. An interview with Adidas’s Neely Gracey

Neely Gracey qualifies for her third Olympic Trials at the 2020 Houston Marathon.
Mother Runner Neely Gracey qualifies for her third Olympic Trials at the 2020 Houston Marathon.

Pro runner Neely Gracey is incredibly honest in her struggles with trying to run professionally postpartum. She shares how she was able to overcome some serious injuries in order to qualify for the Olympic Trials. She also shares why she doesn’t strive for “balance”:  

I like to think of it more as “priorities” and then I have things listed out and can check them off with the most important ones at the top and the least important at the bottom. If I do this, each day I still have “wins” and that feels better than trying to seek this elusive balance.

Read more my interview with Neely Gracey here.

Choosing these top ten posts wasn’t easy. I only write about things I think are useful and, well, mind-blowing. I hope these insights change your world, up your run game, and blow your minds, too!


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