common running injuries

The Ultimate Running Injury Prevention Guide

UPDATED September 6, 2023: Almost as certain as death and taxes are running-related injuries for runners. Soon after starting this site, I suffered from three major running injuries in as many years that has taken me away from the sport for a duration of that time. I’m not alone. Nearly 80 percent of runners suffer … Read more

Whitney Heins lifting weight

Your Strength Training For Runners Guide

Strength training for runners can help improve performance and reduce injury risk. Studies show that strength training for runners enhances running form, VO2 max, and running economy. Specifically, runners may use 2-8 percent less energy and oxygen to run, improving time trial performance by 2 to 5 percent. It doesn’t take long to get benefits from strength … Read more


Benefits of Massage for Runners

I have re-discovered an incredible recovery tool for runners—massage. With all the high-tech physical therapy techniques out there from STEM to needling to ultrasound to injections, we often forget about the big-time benefits of massage for runners. And I am talking about real massage with real hands, not massage guns (though there are benefits of … Read more

are massage guns worth the money?

How to Use a Massage Gun (+ 3 Reviews)

UPDATED May 21, 2022: Massage guns for runners are all the rage these days. But are massage guns worth the money? Can massage guns really help your running? When massage therapists, physical therapists, and my chiropractor started using them on me, I started paying attention—maybe massage guns could be worth the investment. So, I hopped … Read more


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