Exercise while breastfeeding

8 Clever Tips for Running While Breastfeeding

Steps like staying close to home on your runs, wearing the right nursing sports bra, changing immediately after your run, and hydrating well can help you manage running while breastfeeding. Let’s face it, trying to get away for a run as a breastfeeding mama is no easy feat. Because know what breastfeeding babies don’t seem … Read more

Carlene Steenekamp

Mother Runner of the Month: Carlene Steenekamp

If you want someone to hold you accountable for a run, call Carlene Steenekamp. This mother runner hardly ever misses a run. Carlene was a figure competitor and started running to broaden her horizons. Her run friends say she’s as focused on helping others as she is focused on her own journey: “She is a … Read more


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