24 Things Not to Say to a Mother Runner

There are so many things not do say to a mother runner. But people say them anyway.

For some reason, mother runners’ running habit seems to be a lightning rod topic. Comments about how we spend our time or how our bodies look seem to be totally on limits—and totally inappropriate. But haters gonna hate. These things not to say to a mother runner don’t come from a good place. They are hardly objective and most likely originate from the commenter’s own insecurities.

Mother runners know to try not to incorporate these comments into our own self-evaluations. But it can be hard especially since so many of us struggle with mom-guilt and body image issues.

Letting these comments get to us not only makes us miserable, but it can also steal the joy and quality of our runs. Countless studies show that negative emotions not only make you unhappy, they also make you slower. These bad feelings lead to difficulty breathing, tense muscles, and loss of focus. Don’t let those haters slow you down or kill your dreams.

To know you aren’t alone with these hate-slingers, I’ve rounded up 20+ things NOT to say to a mother runner. Even better, I’ve rounded up 22 suggested comebacks for when people say these things.

23 Things Not to Say to a Mother Runner24 Things NOT to Say to a Mother Runner

I wish I had that kind of time.

It’s called waking up hours before you do, teamwork, & major schedule maneuvering.

It’s so nice your husband lets you run so much. 

I’m not his pet. He doesn’t have to LET me out to run.

Go somewhere else and run with your stroller.

Go somewhere else and….(insert expletive of choice).

Don’t you feel guilty leaving your kids with your husband?

No. He’s their DAD.

Who’s chasing you?

Clever. Never heard that one.

Is that safe to run while pregnant?

It’s not only safe, but it’s good for me and the baby.

I saw you out jogging.

Ha! Wanna “jog” with me??

Can’t you just be lazy for a while?

What does that even mean?

You must be trying to lose the baby weight.

(Put on your best RBF.) Nothing about that statement is okay.

You’re not a real runner unless you run fast.

I’m a real runner because I love it and I do it every. damn. day.

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Did you win?

Yes. Yes, I did.

How did your marathon go?

Can you drive 26 miles in 20 minutes? I didn’t run a marathon.

Wait until they’re older to worry about goals.

Yes, it’s super healthy to put everything on hold until our kids are grown.

I think it’s great you run. I can never find the time.

You’re not looking hard enough. (It’s called waking

 Things Not to Say to a Mother Runner
Ummm…did you just say that?

Is it safe to be running with your kids in a stroller?

Oh, this is TOTALLY reckless. My running is SO dangerous.

You don’t LOOK like a runner.

Either do you.

You should take a rest day. Your family needs time with you, too.

I’m a much better mom when I run. End of story.

You run too much.

You talk too much.

How far did you? You were gone for a while.

Please just let me have this time without any guilt or worry.

Don’t your kids get sick of running with you?

Nope. They love it.

Do you just workout every day?

It’s called living a healthy lifestyle.

It’s bad for your knees.

Actually, countless studies show that it’s GOOD for my knees.

Running is bad for you.

So is sitting.

I can do that.

Okay. Show me.

Remember: Running is good for you. Running is good for your family. Don’t let anyone make you think differently.

Keep going, mama.

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