Neely Gracey sets the world record for the stroller mile in a time of 5:24. Breaking tape at track.

Inside Neely Gracey’s World Record Stroller Mile

 Neely Gracey, an adidas-supported pro runner, is one of the first mother runners I interviewed for my website and the podcast I host for Runner Click, The Passionate Runner. Why? Because Neely has done incredible things as a mother runner yet in a very relatable way. She is open about challenges and how she juggles … Read more

older lady tying running shoe in mountains

Faster as a Masters Runner: Masters Running Tips

Research indicates that runners start to get slower around age 40 due to changes such as loss in muscle mass and mobility. But training smarter by including strength training with heavy weights and plyometrics, altering our diets, and focusing on recovering can help master’s runners get faster or keep going as they age. Read more … Read more

how to get kids to start running

7 Science-backed Reasons Running Makes You a Better Mom

When you become a mom, suddenly your time is no longer your own—and that includes taking time to go for a run. But many research studies show that running makes you a better mom. Obviously, I believe this in my heart—otherwise, I would not have founded The Mother Runners. Related: The Mother Runners coaching services … Read more

Mother runners deal with mom guilt

How to Get Rid of Mom Guilt

There is something nearly all moms have in common. What? Mom guilt. What is mom guilt? Mom guilt is that pervasive feeling that you’re doing something wrong; that you aren’t being the best mom you can for your kid(s); that you are doing something that could “mess them up.” My mom guilt happened immediately. I … Read more


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