Whitney Heins with her dog

Top 10 Best Running Dog Breeds

Our furry friends not only can make the perfect running partner but can also be important for keeping you safe on a run. However, not all dog breeds are alike in their qualities and running abilities. Just like people—some are built for running than others. Some dogs can go long distances, some short distances. Some can … Read more

the double bob

12 Genius Tips for Stroller Running

UPDATED August 15, 2023: Running with a jogging stroller is hard work! But it is worth it! By exercising and getting outside, you’re getting feel-good endorphins, spending quality time with your kids, and setting a positive example for a lifetime of good health. But running with a jogging stroller can quickly go awry if you … Read more

marathon fueling 101

Marathon Fueling 101: What to Eat Before, During, & After Running

UPDATED Aug. 12, 2023: One of the major perks of being a marathon runner is getting to eat. A lot. But not eating right and not eating enough can torpedo your marathon training. With all this talk of gels, GUs, gut training, fasted running, depleted state running…marathon fueling can get pretty complicated.  Pretty much every … Read more


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