Whitney Heins doing kettle bell swing

Kettlebell Leg Workout for Runners

“Kettlebells are proven to be a jack of all trades strength increasing oxygen uptake, explosive power, and working the entire body all in one,” explains Kaila Morgante, a movement specialist and certified running coach. Simple one kettlebell can open up a whole world of strength and opportunity for runners. This kettlebell leg workout for runners … Read more

treadmill running tips

Smart Treadmill Running Tips for Mother Runners

Don’t call it a dreadmill! Treadmills are TOOLS to keep you running consistently no matter the obstacle. Indeed as running outside gained popularity in 2020, so did treadmill running. Many people discovered what moms of young children already knew—treadmill running is a saving grace when you can’t leave your house. Running on a treadmill comes … Read more


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