marathon fueling 101

Marathon Fueling 101: What to Eat Before, During, & After Running

Successful marathon training requires fueling well before, during and after your training runs.“If you run, you are an endurance athlete and need to view food differently. Food is fuel for your body and should not be restricted or feared,” says registered dietitian Kristy Baumann. She suggests eating about an hour before runs, about every half … Read more

Whitney. Heins holding red Prime Drink

Are Prime Drinks Good for You? A Dietitian’s POV for Runners (& Kids)

Megan Robinson, RD says Prime Energy is not a good pre-work for runners because of its low electrolytes and carbohydrates, high caffeine, and sucralose which can cause stomach upset. Prime Hydration, she says, is not a good sport drink for runners because it has low sodium content and contains Sucralose. Read on to learn more … Read more

a woman eating a bagel on the tailgate of a ear

Should You Eat Before You Run?

It’s a question many runners—especially new runners or early morning runners—ask: should I eat before I run? In most cases, yes, you should eat before you run. Why should you eat before you run? In short, if you don’t, your running performance will suffer, your run will feel harder than it should, your recovery will … Read more


Tart Cherry Juice Benefits for Runners

After hearing it mentioned by several registered dieticians I have interviewed like Megan Robinson and Amy Stephens, I finally took notice of tart cherry juice benefits for runners. They had mentioned drinking tart cherry juice as part of their marathon taper plan—to increase carb intake and reduce inflammation. But how could tart cherry juice have … Read more


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