Full Review of Bob and Brad Massage Guns

The other day I had a stack of boxes at my door so big, that neighbors helped to move them so we could enter the house. The boxes were sent from physical therapists Bob and Brad, hoping I would try their new recovery tools and give an honest review! My first thought was, “wow! I … Read more

are massage guns worth the money?

How to Use a Massage Gun (+ 3 Reviews)

UPDATED May 21, 2022: Massage guns for runners are all the rage these days. But are massage guns worth the money? Can massage guns really help your running? When massage therapists, physical therapists, and my chiropractor started using them on me, I started paying attention—maybe massage guns could be worth the investment. So, I hopped … Read more

replace your running shoes

When to Replace Your Running Shoes

Last week I started getting some knee pain which was odd for me. I looked at my running shoes and realized I likely needed a new pair. Sure enough, after I replaced my Hokas, my knee felt better—almost instantly. Which then begs the question: when should you replace your running shoes? Related: Hoka Rincon 3 … Read more


Garmin VO2 Max Explained & Metrics Reviewed

If you own a newer model of a Garmin GPS watch, I feel certain you’ve experienced the mind games the Garmin metrics can play with you: e.g. you just had your longest run ever and it tells you your training status is “unproductive.” HOW is that possible and WHY? On the flip side, the Garmin … Read more


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