woman running in blue jacket

What to Wear for a Cold 5K

Running a cold 5k can be confusing and challenging. Dressing in moisture-wicking layers and running by effort over pace, plus having more than one goal, can help you run your best on race day. The winter season can be long and challenging. Unexpected weather patterns, false springs, snow and ice: it is all a recipe … Read more

runner in face mask

10 Best Cold Weather Masks for Running

Wearing the right clothing is key for staying consistent with your winter running. Many runners struggle with breathing in cold air while running. It can hurt! This is why I am rounding up the ten best running masks for cold weather that are comfortable and stay put. Related: How to Breathe Cold Air While Running … Read more

The best nursing sports bras

The 6 Best Nursing Sports Bras for Runners

Finding a nursing sports bra for running can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. These are the six best nursing sports bras for runners on the market. My favorite is the Jen & Keri Annie nursing and pumping sports bra because it is buttery soft, pretty, and provides easy access for … Read more


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