are massage guns worth the money?

Theragun Review: Can Massage Guns Help Runners?

Massage guns for runners are all the rage these days with the Theragun being the cream of the crop. But are massage guns worth the money? Can massage guns really help your running? When massage therapists, physical therapists, and my chiropractor started using them on me, I started paying attention—maybe massage guns could be worth … Read more

easy running pace

Benefits of an Easy Running Pace

Until a couple of years ago when I started to take my training more seriously, I ran without a watch. I had no data. No idea of my pace or distance. But I listened to my body. As a result, I ran strictly based on feel because the purpose behind the runs was simple: They … Read more

How to Start Running: A Complete Guide for Beginner Runners

Friends, I’ve been running most my life (since I was 6 years old) but I have had to learn how to start running many times—especially recently. First, it was the two beautiful children I had. Then, once I aced postpartum running, it was a torn hamstring that required about a year and half of rehabilitation. … Read more

how to get kids to start running

7 Science-backed Reasons Running Makes You a Better Mom

When you become a mom, suddenly your time is no longer your own—and that includes taking time to go for a run. But many research studies show that running makes you a better mom. Obviously, I believe this in my heart—otherwise, I would not have founded The Mother Runners. Related: The Mother Runners coaching services … Read more

strength training for runners

Your Strength Training For Runners Guide

The secret’s out. Strength training for runners makes you run faster. It doesn’t make you bulk up. It doesn’t make you slow down. Instead, it improves your running economy so you can run faster, longer. One of the benefits of my hamstring injury was that it forced me to start strength training as a runner. … Read more

get your kids into running

How to Get Your Kids to Start Running

Running brings us so much joy and strength. Personally, much of my strength as an adult came from running as a kid (thanks, Dad!). So, how do you get your kids to start running? My daughter ran her first race when she was 4. And, no exaggeration needed, the transformation in her was remarkable. When … Read more


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