Is It Safe to Run Back-to-Back Marathons?

I’ve noticed a trend in marathoning—running back-to-back marathons. I am seeing it with my friends, on social media, and in the athletes I coach. It made me wonder—is it safe to run back-to-back marathons? Afterall, running 26.2 miles is very demanding on the body. Running a marathon damages everything from your vital organs to your … Read more


Best Running Books to Read This Summer 

Three running books from highly respected elite female distance runners have been released this year. I gobbled them up as soon as I could even though my life doesn’t seem to lend itself to much reading.  The books, Good for a Girl by Lauren Fleshman, Choosing to Run by Des Linden, and The Longest Run by … Read more

Jack Wolfskin rainjacket

Best Running Rain Jackets of 2023

Updated February 19, 2023: Last weekend I had a 20-mile long run with a 10-mile tempo in it. I wasn’t feeling well, was super unmotivated, and the weather matched my mood–it was windy with pouring rain and temps in the upper 30s. What helped me get out the door, quite honestly, was knowing I had a … Read more

super shoe review

Super Shoes: Nike Alphafly Next% vs adidas Adizero Adios Pro Review

Ahh, carbon fiber running shoes. So costly yet so game-changing. For runners wanting to nab a PR, carbon plate running shoes are worth the money. Research shows these super shoes can make you run super fast. But which carbon fiber-plate shoes are the best? I review the top two favorites: Nike Alphafly Next% vs Adidas … Read more


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