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36 Running Tips to Try in 2023

UPDATED December 20, 2022: Here it is, the holy grail of game-changing running tips that I have collected over the past several years–revised and updated to make you run and feel your best. These simple yet effective running tips have helped mother runners worldwide get healthy, motivated, energized, and faster. While these running tips cover … Read more

fit in exercise during the Hollidays

How to Fit in Exercise During the Holidays

‘Tis the most wonderful…and hectic…time of the year! The holidays are crazy. Often the toughest time to fit in exercise during the holidays for me is when we travel up north to visit my family. My kids (until recently) didn’t sleep well in new places….and tired kids lead to clingy ones. Can you relate? Plus, … Read more


Why Do My Hips Hurt When Running?

The hips are key for running. Unfortunately, many runners suffer from hip pain–especially women who have had babies. In most cases, you do not want to run with hip pain. I share how to prevent hip pain in runners, and what to do if you suffer from hip pain when running. Talk with many female … Read more

pillow cube review

Pillow Review: Lagoon Sleep Pillow vs. Pillow Cube Review

Lack of sleep is my kryptonite. It dawned on me (pun intended) that even since I was a kid, lack of sleep has broken me. After almost every sleepover party, I’d end up getting sick. A cost of staying up late and putting shaving cream in the hands of my friends. (Karma?) Therefore, getting a … Read more

Victory Mother Runner Necklace

2022 Holiday Gifts for Runners (+ Mother Runners)

UPDATED November 25, 2022: Holiday shopping season is officially here! With that means it’s time to release my ideas for gifts for runners (and mother runners!).  These gifts for runners are items that have made my life easier or better as a runner and as a mother. They aren’t all specific to running. These are … Read more


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