How to Avoid Hitting the Wall in the Marathon

Hitting the wall happens in a marathon is when your body has burned through all its glycogen stores (energy stores) in the liver and muscles which are the quickest and easiest fuel for your body to use to run. Proper training and proper nutrition can help runners avoid hitting the wall in the marathon. Read … Read more

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How to Carb Load for a Marathon or Half Marathon

Your body’s primary source of fuel for running comes from carbohydrates which are stored as glycogen in the body. The trouble is this source is limited to about 120 minutes of exercise. Runners who run long distances such as a marathon or half marathon need to carbo load to maximize their fuel stores to run … Read more

spring half marathons

The Best Spring Half Marathons & Best Spring Marathons

The half marathon is a great distance as it is both challenging but doable. The marathon is much more challenging and time-intensive, but doable with the right training. I am rounding up the best half marathons and marathons to run in the spring. These races are flat, fast, and well-organized. I created this list thanks … Read more

marathon recovery tips

7 Marathon Recovery Tips to Recover Faster

Your body undergoes significant trauma when running a marathon. Studies show the damage from a marathon can last up to a month. Steps you take right after finishing your marathon like walking, hydrating, and eating carbs and protein, can improve your marathon recovery time. Running a marathon is an amazing physical and mental achievement, one … Read more

gut training

Train Your Gut to Stop Runner’s Trots & Cramps

You can train your gut to minimize runner’s trots and tummy troubles during the marathon. They key is to practice fueling on your long runs, aiming to take in an energy gel every half hour, and fluids about every mile. Learn how. Being a runner has many wonderful side effects but one of them is … Read more


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