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4 Effective Ways to Improve Fatigue Resistance in Running

Last December, I ran the California International Marathon. It was my first marathon in 3 years after a 2.5 year break from running due to injuries. I was fit and ready. But my legs weren’t. They quit at mile 16. The reason was initially unclear—but I soon realized it was because I lacked fatigue resistance … Read more

Whitney Heins at CIM marathon

Are Downhill Marathons Easier to Get a PR? 

Downhill marathons caught my eye on Instagram in the last recent years. I saw runners nabbing huge PRs and running crazy fast times—much faster than their previous race times. It seemed like downhill races were becoming the next iteration of beating the clock after science-backed energy gels, pre-workout concoctions, and carbon fiber shoes. Related: Do … Read more

Whitney Heins doing a kettlebell swing in a pink shirt

Strength Training for Marathon Runners (Expert Tips + Moves)

Strength training for the marathon should balance out your marathon training program, says Mary Johnson, founder of Lift. Run. Perform. As your run training gets more intense, your lifting should get less intense. The strength training for marathon program should include heavy weights and lower reps, lighter weights with higher reps, isometric holds, eccentric moves, … Read more


Tart Cherry Juice Benefits for Runners

After hearing it mentioned by several registered dieticians I have interviewed like Megan Robinson and Amy Stephens, I finally took notice of tart cherry juice benefits for runners. They had mentioned drinking tart cherry juice as part of their marathon taper plan—to increase carb intake and reduce inflammation. But how could tart cherry juice have … Read more


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