Best foods to eat during your period

Should I Do Glycogen Depletion Runs?

Runners are always trying to gain a competitive edge—especially marathoners. And a major way to do that is with fueling—tinkering with how many carbohydrates you take in for optimal energy efficiency. Some train high, focusing on gut training, and some train low with glycogen depletion runs. Glycogen depletion runs or running fasted means you take … Read more


How to Prepare for a Marathon (+ Your Ultimate Marathon Checklist)

You spend months training for a marathon and now it’s the final days ahead of the big race. You are experiencing taper tantrums and confusion, and you need help getting ready. I am here for you! This article walks you through how to prepare for a marathon, complete with an ultimate marathon checklist. Related: How … Read more


How to Recover from Hitting the Wall in the Marathon

The biggest obstacle to completing 26.2 is hitting the wall in the marathon. So many runners have beautiful and perfect training cycles that are completely sabotaged when they come up against the marathon wall. Hitting the wall, simply put, is when your body runs out of fuel for faster running. Your body slows down, your … Read more


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