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9 Steps to Return to Running After Injury

Returning to running requires a lot of patience and trust. I have had to do it several times in the past few years due to running injuries. The key to returning without injury is taking it slow, adding one variable at a time, and slowly increasing volume. I detail how to return to running below. … Read more

marathon fueling 101

Marathon Fueling 101: What to Eat Before, During, & After Running

Successful marathon training requires fueling well before, during and after your training runs.“If you run, you are an endurance athlete and need to view food differently. Food is fuel for your body and should not be restricted or feared,” says registered dietitian Kristy Baumann. She suggests eating about an hour before runs, about every half … Read more

Whitney Heins lifting weight

Your Strength Training For Runners Guide

Strength training for runners can help improve performance and reduce injury risk. Studies show that strength training for runners enhances running form, VO2 max, and running economy. Specifically, runners may use 2-8 percent less energy and oxygen to run, improving time trial performance by 2 to 5 percent. It doesn’t take long to get benefits from strength … Read more

woman running strides on street

How to Run Strides (& Why You Should)

Strides work wonders in improving neuromuscular fitness, running form, running economy, and strengthening your body. Research shows that running strides (also called accelerations, striders or stride-outs) a couple of times a week can improve running performance more than most “extra” things you do other than straight running. Strides are not sprints. They are accelerations of … Read more


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