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9 Steps to Return to Running After Injury

Returning to running requires a lot of patience and trust. I have had to do it several times in the past few years due to running injuries. The key to returning without injury is taking it slow, adding one variable at a time, and slowly increasing volume. I detail how to return to running below. … Read more

fatigue tolerance

4 Effective Ways to Improve Fatigue Resistance in Running

Last December, I ran the California International Marathon. It was my first marathon in 3 years after a 2.5 year break from running due to injuries. I was fit and ready. But my legs weren’t. They quit at mile 16. The reason was initially unclear—but I soon realized it was because I lacked fatigue resistance … Read more


Should Runners Do Pilates?

Pilates seems to be having a moment. A lot of pro runners like Keira D’Amato and elite runners like Andrea Pomaranski swear by it for improving strength, performance, and injury prevention. But should runners do Pilates really? After all, we also hear how if you want to get stronger and feel the benefits as a … Read more


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