How to Run Downhill

With the popularity of downhill marathons, it’s not surprising that we need to learn how to RUN DOWNHILL properly. Because running downhill is not the same as running uphill or on flat ground in anyway. Running downhill recruits different muscle groups and requires different form…and if you don’t do it correctly, running downhill can trash … Read more

marathon fueling 101

Marathon Fueling 101: What to Eat Before, During, & After Running

Successful marathon training requires fueling well before, during and after your training runs.“If you run, you are an endurance athlete and need to view food differently. Food is fuel for your body and should not be restricted or feared,” says registered dietitian Kristy Baumann. She suggests eating about an hour before runs, about every half … Read more

Whitney running the Carmel marathon

12 Flattest & Fastest Fall Marathons in the U.S.

Many marathon runners want fast times even more than an amazing race day experience. I did the research to find the 12 best fall marathons that have both–flat, fast courses and a great race experience. My three top fall marathons are the Wineglass Marathon, the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, and the Marine Corps Marathon. Read on … Read more

super shoe review

Super Shoes: Nike Alphafly Next% vs adidas Adizero Adios Pro Review

Ahh, carbon fiber running shoes. So costly yet so game-changing. For runners wanting to nab a PR, carbon plate running shoes are worth the money. Research shows these super shoes can make you run super fast. But which carbon fiber-plate shoes are the best? I review the top two favorites: Nike Alphafly Next% vs adidas … Read more


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