How to Fuel if You Are Running a Marathon on Your Period

Getting your period during your marathon can be a performance enhancer. But the days leading up to your period can be a drag. Changing your fueling plan to include more sodium and carbohydrates can help keep Aunt Flo and her impending visit from ruining your race day, says registered sports dietitian Megan Robinson. She shares … Read more

Whitney Heins running in compression sleeves

6 Best Compression Arm Sleeves for Runners

Compression arm sleeves help runner’s upper bodies not fatigue so you can maintain good running form and running performance. They can also keep you warm and protect you from the sun. I review the 6 best compression arm sleeves for runners. My favorite are the Lululemon Senseknit Running Sleeves which have pockets for storing energy … Read more


26 Pro Marathon Training Tips for Race Day Success

It is marathon season! The Chicago Marathon is this weekend. The New York City Marathon and Marine Corps Marathon are just around the bend. The Boston Marathon entries were just accepted.  I was able to heal my injuries and toe the marathon start line twice this past year. But this fall, I am battling another … Read more

whitney heins drinking coffee

Should I Drink Coffee Before Running?

One scroll through Instagram and you’ll likely be barraged by coffee alternatives to replace caffeine. If you’re caffeine sensitive, sure, these are good options. But if not, grab your cup of joe and start reading. Because guess what? Drinking coffee, especially coffee before running, is almost always a good idea. Study after study after study … Read more


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