Vuori Shorts Review for Women

With the pandemic work-from-home lifestyle came a burgeoning love for athleisure—especially Vuori clothing. I remember my sister lamenting that the return to the office came the bidding farewell to her Vuori life. Indeed, I became very accustomed to living in my Vuori shorts and Vuori joggers. The Vuori joggers were my gateway into Vuori. On … Read more

sleep and injury

The Importance of Sleep for Running Injury Prevention

When I tore my hamstring in 2019 while training for a marathon, it didn’t occur to me until much later that sleep deprivation may have led to my running injury. Now research is supporting that sleep for athletes is crucial for injury prevention. In the summer of 2019, my mileage doubled from about 50 miles … Read more


The Best Belly Bands for Pregnant Runners

Running while pregnant is possible! And many pregnant runners do it with a secret weapon—a belly band for runners. A belly band (also called a maternity belt or pregnancy support belt) helps support your pregnant tummy and relieve pressure as you run. It also helps support your low back which often hurts pregnant women because … Read more


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