Boobs and Running: 7 Tips for Running with Big Boobs

Finding the right sports bra with individual cups and a hook enclosure PLUS running tall with proper form can help you stay comfortable if running with big boobs. Read on for more tips!

woman running in pink sports bra
Running with big boobs can be uncomfortable. But there are steps you can take to make it better!

Running with big boobs can make running really uncomfortable. Like really uncomfortable. I’ve experienced this when I was nursing and my boobs were a thousand times bigger than they are now (thanks breastfeeding…).

There are many women I coach who have faced the trials of trying to run with large busts including back pain, chaffing, and bouncing. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to alleviate the discomfort so you can keep pounding the pavement.

woman jogging in sports bra
My sister tested sports bras for bigger busts so I could make recommendations for you!

I chatted with some of my athletes, my Instagram followers, and my sister about strategies they’ve learned for running with big boobs.

So, let’s get to it!

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1. Find the right sports bra.

This is the most important tip for large breasts running—have a supportive sports bra! What to look for in a sports bra includes:

  • Wide straps that don’t dig into your shoulders
  • Hoop enclosure in the back or zip front
  • Individual cups for each breast with no spillage or gapping
  • Avoid sports bras with compression
  • Some sports bras will offer an underwire for extra support
  • High neck so your boobs don’t bounce too much

Perform a hop test in your sports bra to make sure your boobs bouncing while running isn’t too much. If you can jog around in it, even better!

Below are some of the best sports bras for large busts:

Read the full reviews here.

2. Consider wearing two sports bras.

Some d cup women (or larger) will wear two sports bras for added support. One of my athletes I coach says she ran in two sports bras plus a compressive tank with a built-in sports bra when she was nursing.

If you find that a single sports bra isn’t enough support, try doubling up. However, you want to make sure it’s comfortable and easy to take on and off. You may find it easier to have the inner sports bra have a back enclosure and the top sports bra to have a front zipper for easier changing.

If you do double up, obviously you want to do a short test run to make sure it feels comfortable and not too constrictive or cause chaffing.

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running with big boobs pin
It isn’t always easy to run with big boobs. Pin these tips on how to manage large breasts while running, plus other tips to keep the bouncing to a minimum.

3. Apply anti-chafing balm.

This brings me to my third tip—apply an anti-chafing balm like Body Glide or Vaseline around your neckline, bottom of your sports bras, and under your arms to avoid chaffing. Some women may need to apply it to their nipples (KT tape helps, too!). Anywhere there is going to be friction, especially if you are sweating, puts you at risk for annoying and painful chaffing.

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running with big boobs pin
It isn’t always easy to run with big boobs. Pin these tips on how to manage large breasts while running, plus other tips to keep the bouncing to a minimum.


4. Strengthen your back and core.

If you have large breasts, maintaining good posture to avoid back pain requires extra strength. Having a strong back and core is important for everyone—especially runners—and especially especially for those running with big boobs.

Standard moves to strengthen your core and back include:

  • Plank variations, including side planks
  • Bicycle
  • Hollow hold
  • Russian twist
  • Back bend
  • Dead lift
  • Superwoman

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5. Change when you get home.

If you are sweating in your sports bra, change as soon as you get home and take a shower. This will make you much more comfortable and prevent bacterial build-up. It will also help your sports bras last longer.

6. Run tall.

Hunching is a common problem for women running with big boobs.

Proper running form involves running tall with your head over your shoulders, shoulders over hips, hips over ankles. Shoulders should be relaxed. When you slouch, your overall running form breaks down which leads to slower running and running injuries!

I suggest every mile or so, checking in on your form and making sure your core is engaged, spine is long, and shoulders are relaxed and down away from your ears.

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7. Hire a running coach.

Hiring a running coach such as myself can help you stay comfortable if you are running with big breasts. A running coach can also help you identify trouble spots so that you avoid injury, stay on top of the little things such as proper  hydration and nutrition, and go after your goals!

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