Mother Runners’ Favorite Running Podcasts

I like to mix up what’s going on and into my head on my runs depending on my mood and the effort required of the run—run with just my thoughts, run with up-tempo music, run to slow music, run with a friend, or run to running podcasts.

Lately, I’ve found that running to podcasts that are about RUNNING is an awesome way to keep yourself entertained, informed, and inspired—and make the miles fly by—especially on solo long runs. Plus, the insights you learn from your listens can help you push through on the hard slogs. (Like knowing that even the elite runners have setbacks, bad workouts, and hard times).

I asked other Mother Runners for their favorite podcasts—and here are the top 8. Try them out!

The Passionate Runner

Runner Click’s The Passionate Runner podcast interviews running experts and pros to inspire, motivate, and simplify the complicated for runners. The host–oh! Wait! The host is ME! Yours truly!…The Passionate Runner launched in the fall of 2021 and I love nothing more than revealing the experiences and insights of runners and experts to help make your running journey fueling with passion and purpose. Please check it out and let me know what you think!

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I’ll Have Another

Hosted by Mother Runner of four Lindsey Hein, Lindsey talks with the best runners in the world in a casual, honest, and authentic way that reveals insights into training, heartaches, motherhood, and life. Lindsey started the podcast because she couldn’t find one out there for Mother Runners like her. Indeed, her episodes are like listening to your girlfriends chat (when she has other Mother Runners on there—she has male athletes, too). I loved her

Best podcasts for running
Here are the best running podcasts that talk about all things running and many things life.

talk with two-time Olympian Kara Goucher about how she and her runner husband work as a team to train and take care of their son. As Kara put it, “I want Colt to know he can count on both of us.” Excellent point, Kara. Other great interviews to check out: Emma Bates, Steph Bruce, Colleen Quigley, Emily Infield, Shalane Flanagan, Sarah Hall, and Des Linden.

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Ali on the Run Show

If you want to listen in on entertaining and open conversations with the top names in running–and get a good look at what life is like for them inside and outside of running, then you got to listen to the Ali on the Run Show. Ali is incredibly warm and funny as she asks all the questions of pro runners like Neely Spence Gracey and Adam and Kare Goucher that we all want to ask ourselves. And, as a mom, Ali’s questions often bring to light how mother runners manage training and parenting.

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C Tolle Run

Hosted by Olympian Carrie Tollefson, Carrie is extremely energetic and talks with a different celebrity guest each week about running, fitness, and how to live a healthy, balanced life as a runner. Carrie’s an elite middle-distance runner herself so she shares her own running insights in her interviews. Her talk with Jordan Hasay (3rd place finisher in the 2019 Boston Marathon) about overcoming an injury and having to start at square one is inspiring and relatable. In this interview, Jordan talks about her mental tricks to stay motivated when sidelined by shifting her focus to the “small wins.” Her tips are useful for anyone having to comeback after time-off—including mamas who just had a baby.

Citius Mag Podcast

Best podcasts for runningIf you want up-to-date running news in the form of a laidback podcast with a chill host, then this one is for you. Chris Chaves has honest conversations with the biggest names in track and field every week. Most of the conversation focuses on training and racing, but Chris also talks about life too with athletes, coaches, writers, and other pivotal people in the running world. It’s entertaining from start to finish, especially for those who love to follow the sport.

The Morning Shakeout

Not hosted by a woman or mother but Mario Fraioli, a running coach and writer with “an insatiably curious mind,” is an awesome listen. Mario is smart, entertaining, and incredibly knowledgeable about the sport. His conversations with the world’s top athletes, coaches, and personalities generate meaningful dialogue and healthy debate. He asks great questions that give you a good look at what life is truly like for elite athletes. For example, Shalane Flanagan shares what her typical morning is like. Des Linden talks about how much she loves and drinks coffee—and when. The podcast blends together Mario’s experiences as an athlete, coach, and journalist affording him a unique perspective on running and the industry as a whole. Check out Mario’s conversation with Katy Sherratt, founder of Back on My Feet, for revelations into the power of running—in this case, to combat homelessness.

Strong Runner Chicks Radio

Maybe I’m a little biased because I had a blast chatting with the hosts of Strong Runner Chicks Radio about how mother runners are changing the world, but I love this podcast. The hosts interview the wavemakers in the women’s running community and bring to the forefront the impact they’re making. They interview ladies such as those combatting eating disorders in the sport to those breaking barriers in the ultra world.

A to Z Running

Andi and Zach are a married running couple with kids–who are incredibly fast. Andi competed in the 2020 Olympic Trials and Zach came close to qualifying. They talk about their own personal running experiences and challenges as well as talk to pros, medical professionals, and others in the sport. What I love about this running podcast is that they answer many questions we may have like how to deal with race day pressure or burnout. Also, as parents, they discuss the balancing act and all that comes with it, too.

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Another Mother Runner

This running podcast is the ONLY podcast geared especially for mother runners. Sarah and Dimity answer all your questions on running topics ranging from nutrition to mental toughness and everything in between. They have their finger on the pulse of what mother runners are facing because they are mother runners. And, the hosts have funny and entertaining interviews with all the greats like Deena Kastor, Shalane Flanagan, and Kara Goucher.

Clean Sport Collective

I’ve been a huge fan of Kara Goucher for a long time so it’s no wonder I am a huge fan of her podcast, Clean Sport Collective, which she hosts alongside Shanna Burnette and Chris McClung. This podcast features a community of powerful voices comprised of athletes, brands, events, clubs, fans, and the public to support the pursuit of clean sport and athletics through the absence of performance-enhancing drugs. The goal is to celebrate clean athletes, educate on issues in the world of clean sport, and bring hope that fair play across all sports can be a reality.

I hope you enjoy these podcasts and they keep you company as you log the miles.



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