Iron supplements

The Danger of Low Iron in Runners in the Summer

I’ve seen it time and again, mother runners suffering from low iron. It’s really common among female endurance athletes. In fact, one study found that it impacts about half of them. The issue is becoming more well-known, thankfully. But a lot of runners are suffering from poor performance, fatigue, and other symptoms due to an iron … Read more

How to Start Running: A Complete Guide for Beginner Runners

Friends, I’ve been running most my life (since I was 6 years old) but I have had to learn how to start running many times—especially recently. First, it was the two beautiful children I had. Then, once I aced postpartum running, it was a torn hamstring that required about a year and half of rehabilitation. … Read more

benefits of running while pregnant

Baby Benefits of Running While Pregnant

Mother runners know that our running benefits our children by teaching them healthy habits for their bodies and minds. But did you know that the benefits of running start in the womb? That’s right, our running while pregnant benefits our babies even before they are born. It’s surprising—especially given the attitude society seems to have … Read more

breathing tips for runners

How to Breathe When You Run

Your breath is a powerful thing. It has the power to calm the mind and boost energy. Not surprisingly, how you breathe when you run can have a huge impact on your running performance. Take too many or too few breaths and you feel breathless and short your body of the fuel it needs. However, … Read more


How Your Period Affects Your Running

Hormone levels affect almost all we do: how we sleep, eat, drink, feel, and run. Yet, little is really known about how your period affects your running. The truth is: it can affect it, a lot. I remember leading up to my fall 2019 marathon and Olympic Trials Qualifying attempt in Indianapolis and stressing that … Read more


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