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9 Steps to Return to Running After Injury

Returning to running requires a lot of patience and trust. I have had to do it several times in the past few years due to running injuries. The key to returning without injury is taking it slow, adding one variable at a time, and slowly increasing volume. I detail how to return to running below. … Read more


Best Running Books to Read This Summer 

Three running books from highly respected elite female distance runners have been released this year. I gobbled them up as soon as I could even though my life doesn’t seem to lend itself to much reading.  The books, Good for a Girl by Lauren Fleshman, Choosing to Run by Des Linden, and The Longest Run by … Read more

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New Year’s Resolutions Every Runner Should Have

“Achievable, controllable goals are vitally important for runners,” says Andi Ripley, an Olympic Trials marathoner. These goals can be broken into process goals which are regular habits that set us up for success with achieving the big goal–like running a PR or a marathon. Read on to learn about the best goals for runners, according to … Read more


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