fit in exercise during the Hollidays

How to Fit in Exercise During the Holidays

‘Tis the most wonderful…and hectic…time of the year! The holidays are crazy. Often the toughest time to fit in exercise during the holidays for me is when we travel up north to visit my family. My kids (until recently) didn’t sleep well in new places….and tired kids lead to clingy ones. Can you relate? Plus, … Read more


How to Get Over a Bad Race, According to a Sports Psych

Bad races happen. Bad races happen to good people—and good runners. Even when everything has been meticulously planned and is all lined up for a PR—you can still have a bad race. Perhaps that’s what can be so alluring with running—especially marathons. I am writing this article as I process my bad race: After 2.5 … Read more


How to Avoid Hitting the Wall in the Marathon

Hitting the wall happens in a marathon is when your body has burned through all its glycogen stores (energy stores) in the liver and muscles which are the quickest and easiest fuel for your body to use to run. Proper training and proper nutrition can help runners avoid hitting the wall in the marathon. Read … Read more


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