spring half marathons

The Best Spring Half Marathons & Best Spring Marathons

The half marathon is a great distance as it is both challenging but doable. The marathon is much more challenging and time-intensive, but doable with the right training. I am rounding up the best half marathons and marathons to run in the spring. These races are flat, fast, and well-organized. I created this list thanks … Read more


A New Approach to Goal-Setting for Runners in 2022

It’s time to throw out the traditional SMART goal setting approach. I have a new science-backed goal-setting for runners strategy for 2022. Instead of being Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based (SMART), I challenge runners’ goal-setting to be vague and open-ended. (However, VMARO isn’t as catchy of an acronym). How to set the right goals … Read more


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