Mother runners deal with mom guilt

How to Get Rid of Mom Guilt

There is something nearly all moms have in common. What? Mom guilt. What is mom guilt? Mom guilt is that pervasive feeling that you’re doing something wrong; that you aren’t being the best mom you can for your kid(s); that you are doing something that could “mess them up.” My mom guilt happened immediately. I … Read more

Benefits of a long run

The Scientific Benefits of Long Runs

Every runner should be doing long runs. Even if you’re just training for a 5k, you still need to do a long run. I’ll tell you why. About a year after my son was born, I decided to get more competitive with my running. I sought the help of coach Bobby Holcombe, founder of Knoxville Endurance, … Read more

benefits of running while pregnant

Baby Benefits of Running While Pregnant

Mother runners know that our running benefits our children by teaching them healthy habits for their bodies and minds. But did you know that the benefits of running start in the womb? That’s right, our running while pregnant benefits our babies even before they are born. It’s surprising—especially given the attitude society seems to have … Read more

how to set running goals

How to Set Running Goals for 2021

Around this time of year, we are looking at making resolutions and setting goals. But how to set running goals is an art form. Set them too low and you lose motivation. Set them too high and you also lose motivation and risk burnout, disappointment, and an imbalanced life.  That happened to me last year … Read more

speedy Beatie Deutsch

An Interview with Pro Runner “Speedy” Beatie Deutsch

The story of professional marathoner “Speedy” Beatie Deutsch is nothing short of remarkable. She went from someone who never exercised to an elite marathoner as a mom of FIVE within a handful of years. In 2016, Beatie and her husband had four kids and exercising wasn’t a priority. In fact, she hadn’t exercised in six … Read more

how to get your running motivation back

How to Get Your Running Motivation Back

Nothing can torch your running motivation quite like a pandemic. While many people worldwide picked up running as gyms closed, others were faced with more demanding schedules, debilitating stress and anxiety, and loss of their running community. Then weight gain adds insult to injury making it even harder to stoke that running motivation. Kristen, a … Read more

running coach

10 Reasons to Get a Running Coach

Should you get a running coach? ⁠A couple of years ago I was running with my much faster friend who suggested I link up with her running coach. “No way,” I thought. I’m not fast enough to get a running coach. Plus, what could a running coach afford me that a free online training plan … Read more


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