sleep and injury

The Importance of Sleep for Running Injury Prevention

When I tore my hamstring in 2019 while training for a marathon, it didn’t occur to me until much later that sleep deprivation may have led to my running injury. Now research is supporting that sleep for athletes is crucial for injury prevention. In the summer of 2019, my mileage doubled from about 50 miles … Read more

are massage guns worth the money?

How to Use a Massage Gun (+ 3 Reviews)

UPDATED May 21, 2022: Massage guns for runners are all the rage these days. But are massage guns worth the money? Can massage guns really help your running? When massage therapists, physical therapists, and my chiropractor started using them on me, I started paying attention—maybe massage guns could be worth the investment. So, I hopped … Read more

Achedaway cupper

Achedaway Cupper Review: Does Cupping Work?

UPDATED June 28, 2022: Every day it seems a new recovery tool for runners is being released–and the Achedaway Cupper, an at-home cupping device that gives people access to cupping therapy in their own homes–is the latest. Indeed, it seems every tool your physical therapist uses on you can now be easily bought online for … Read more


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