Whitney Heins running in blue hat

The Best Running Hats for Women: Top 12 Picks

A running hat is a necessity for running in hot weather. A running hat will help keep you cool, increase visibility, and reduce sun exposure. However, finding the right running hat for you can be tricky. I round-up the best women’s running hats that fit right, look good, and function as they should. My personal favorites … Read more

woman breastfeeding baby in flannel robe

Can You Take Pre-Workout While Breastfeeding?

Most women know they shouldn’t be drinking gobs of caffeine while pregnant. However, can you take pre workout while breastfeeding? Yes, you can take pre workout supplement while breastfeeding—BUT not all are safe and the popular ingredients are not well-tested in nursing women. Nursing women need to be picky about their pre workout supplements! A … Read more

people running in shirts and shorts on path

Aerobic vs Anaerobic Running: What’s Best for Most Runners?

Aerobic running means “with oxygen” and are characterized by continuous, easy running. Anaerobic means “without oxygen” and involves higher intensity running. Trained runners should include both types of workouts in their training. Read on to learn how and why.  Reviewed by exercise physiologist Todd Buckingham — Get out your notebooks, kids. You’re about to get … Read more


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