breastfeeding mom in chair with baby

5 Reasons to Use a Breastfeeding Calorie Calculator

A breastfeeding calorie calculator can ensure moms are getting enough nutrition to maintain milk supply and good health. Women who don’t get enough calories when breastfeeding may get sick, feel fatigued, or pass less nutrients to their babies. I don’t think there is a single postpartum woman who doesn’t want to lose weight after having … Read more

Woman running hard with a jogging stroller.

Hormone Relaxin and Running: What Every Mama Needs to Know

The hormone relaxin and running seem to be at odds but they don’t have to be. Relaxin makes women’s joints and muscles lax and unstable during pregnancy and postpartum (including for the duration of breastfeeding). But proper precautions such as core strength and running on smooth surfaces can minimize risk of injury. Read on to … Read more

Whitney Heins doing a side plank

Transform Your Postpartum Body with These 5 Ab Workouts

Postpartum ab workouts can help you restrengthen your core postpartum. These 5 postpartum ab workouts are safe to perform after having a baby. Avoid doing exercises that cause pain, coning, doming, or bulging. Let me start this article by saying your postpartum body is beautiful and amazing. But I know the feeling of wanting your … Read more

women's stomach

Yes, You Can Run with Diastasis Recti!

Diastasis Recti, a widening of the connective tissue between the abdominal muscles that is associated with weakness in the core, is common postpartum. Unlike previously thought, you can run with diastasis recti. Still, it is best to work with a physical therapist to retrain your core to ensure control in high impact exercises.  (Reviewed by Dr. Rita … Read more


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