collagen supplements for runners

Collagen Supplements for Runners: Can Taking Collagen Prevent Injuries?

According to Keith Baar, head of the Functional Molecular Biology Laboratory at the University of California Davis, “Collagen is the backbone of our tissues such as our bones, ligaments, and tendons. It holds them together and gives them shape.” The marketing is ahead of the research on collagen help to prevent and rehab injuries in … Read more

A group of women running

Running Safety Tips & Best Personal Safety Products for Runners

UPDATED Sept. 7, 2022: Editor’s note: This article has been updated with safety tips and information following the murder of mother runner Liza Fletcher. I mostly run alone. I prefer to mostly run alone. In a house with two young kids who never seem to stop talking or needing things, I relish the time to be … Read more

woman jogging in sports bra

4 Best Sports Bras for Large Busts (+ the Worst)

Finding the most comfortable bust support when running is crucial for runners with big busts. My sister has a bigger bust and tested sports bras for this article. She says the absolute best sports bra for big busts is the Athleta Advance Bra because it’s pretty and her chest felt secure from top to bottom. … Read more

chicken black bean and corn dish

Healthy Meal Ideas for Runners (+ 18 Recipes for Runners)

Proper nutrition can be the difference between a successful running career and one riddled with running injuries. Sports dietitians share their favorite healthy meals for runners that include the macronutrients runners need to train and recover hard. I have a secret to tell you—something that happens to me on the regular. I get completely blocked … Read more


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