strength training for runners

Your Strength Training For Runners Guide

The secret’s out. Strength training for runners makes you run faster. It doesn’t make you bulk up. It doesn’t make you slow down. Instead, it improves your running economy so you can run faster, longer. One of the benefits of my hamstring injury was that it forced me to start strength training as a runner. … Read more

stress and running

How to Concentrate Stress for Optimal Training

Stress: being subject to pressure or tension. As moms, we are very familiar with stress. It can bubble up with our never-ending to-do list, behavioral issues with our kids, or never-ending wake-ups when we were planning to run early. The list goes on. But stress is an ingredient for growth. Objects under stress can become … Read more

Pro Runner Neely Spence Gracey became a mom in 2018.

An Interview with Pro Runner Neely Gracey

  Neely Gracey is a pro marathon runner for Adidas and a mother runner (mom to 18-month-old Athens). And, she and I have one big thing in common. After having our sons, we both struggled to get back to running. After one terrible run in particular, we both knew something was wrong. Bloodwork revealed whacked-out … Read more

Strength training for runners

The 6 Best Strength Training Exercises for Runners

This guest post is brought to you by strength and running coach, Caroline Geoghegan of Like many of us, Caroline’s love affair with running started with a wake-up call that her choices were leading to poor health. Now she helps others achieve their running and health goals.


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