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Your Strength Training For Runners Guide

Strength training for runners can help improve performance and reduce injury risk. Studies show that strength training for runners enhances running form, VO2 max, and running economy. Specifically, runners may use 2-8 percent less energy and oxygen to run, improving time trial performance by 2 to 5 percent. It doesn’t take long to get benefits from strength … Read more

Whitney Heins doing a kettlebell swing in a pink shirt

Strength Training for Marathon Runners (Expert Tips + Moves)

Strength training for the marathon should balance out your marathon training program, says Mary Johnson, founder of Lift. Run. Perform. As your run training gets more intense, your lifting should get less intense. The strength training for marathon program should include heavy weights and lower reps, lighter weights with higher reps, isometric holds, eccentric moves, … Read more

Whitney Heins doing kettle bell swing

Kettlebell Leg Workout for Runners

“Kettlebells are proven to be a jack of all trades strength increasing oxygen uptake, explosive power, and working the entire body all in one,” explains Kaila Morgante, a movement specialist and certified running coach. Simple one kettlebell can open up a whole world of strength and opportunity for runners. This kettlebell leg workout for runners … Read more


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