35 Coronavirus Tips to Stay Sane While You Stay Home

We are in trying times, to say the least. Because of the coronavirus, every part of our lives has been affected–from how we eat, who we spend time with, what we spend our money on, where our kids go to school, and how we work. We’re experiencing a new world and trying desperately to make it feel like a new normal while uncertainty and fear loom. This is why I’ve rounded by 35 coronavirus tips to help you stay sane while you stay home.

Mother runners everywhere are doing the best they can with new challenges—and they’re doing an awesome job at working from home, working from home WITH KIDS, homeschooling, dealing with stress and anxiety. They’re also doing an awesome job of being honest about their struggles and offering support to one another to help us get through this trying time.

35 Tips to Stay Sane During the Coronavirus Crisis
Establish a routine, inject joy, and see the coronavirus crisis isolation as an opportunity to create new habits and stronger bonds.

To further spread the support, I’ve rounded up coronavirus coping strategies that have helped others with everything from homeschooling to mood-boosting. The key is to make things feel as normal as possible, inject joy into everyday moments, and look at this odd time as an opportunity to bond with loved ones and do things you never felt like you had the time or freedom to do before.

Here Are 35 Coronavirus Tips to Stay Sane While You Stay Home:

  1. Run!
  2. Have happy hours, book club, or bible study with your friends via Zoom.
  3. Get outside every day.
  4. Facetime grandparents and loved ones. Have kids put on puppet shows, skits, or talent shows.
  5. Facetime your kids’ friends for playdates.
  6. Try to make the day as close to your old normal as possible.
  7. Establish a routine so that the kids know what to expect and provide security. Ensure play and down times are included.
  8. Have a no screen time or technology rule until schoolwork is done.
  9. Keep a checklist for school subjects to cover daily.
  10. Keep the homeschooling schedule loose to keep motivation high.
  11. Bake more!
  12. Listen to music A LOT. Have it playing throughout the house throughout the day to keep the mood up.
  13. Only read the news in the morning and evening. Stick to reputable sources such as the CDC or WHO.
  14. Watch shows that require zero thought like Netflix’s “Love is Blind.”
  15. Watch funny movies like “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.”
  16. Get moving as a family with sites like GoNoodle or Cosmic Kids Yoga or a group dance party every day.
  17. Drink a glass of wine.
  18. Try new workouts you’ve always wanted to but were afraid to try. Practically every gym or app is offering virtual classes now for free.
  19. Explore parks and play games like tag, or blow bubbles. Have a picnic. Fly a kite. Do a stroller run.
  20. Do a nature scavenger hunt.
  21. Leverage your backyard. Set up play spaces like water tables or sandboxes. Plant a garden.
  22. Have family movie or game nights.
  23. Have “stay dates” with your partner when the kids are asleep or occupied like having wine on the porch or a movie night by the fire.
  24. Start a gratitude journal.
  25. Message friends. Check-in. Tell them how much they mean to you.
  26. Go for family walks, hikes, and bike rides.
  27. Meditate by yourself or with your kids.
  28. Schedule daily quiet time so everyone gets “me” time.
  29. Give each other grace. Friction is bound to happen between family members as stress runs high.
  30. Give yourself grace. This is a weird time. Remember you’re human and you can only do your best.
  31. Create uplifting chalk art on your driveway to give your neighbors something to smile about.
  32. Read a good book.
  33. Better yet, read a good book in the bath with candles.
  34. Pick a race to train for in the fall. Get pumped.
  35. Take a nap.

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Mother runners know that the tough times make us stronger. After all, running is all about enduring. While not knowing what the future holds is very scary right now, this time of isolating is a special gift to spend quality time with your family and focus on what matters most. It’s a time of freedom to try new things. With a clear calendar, it can be a time to start fresh and create new family traditions that may bring you closer when the COVID-19 crisis is over.






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  1. This quarantine was rough, especially for seniors living in living care facilities and unable to see their families. I just read this article that had some great suggestions for seniors to do while cooped up inside. https://www.ez.insure/landing/2019/02/activities-to-do-inside/ It is detrimental to their health being so isolated, so I think they need to stay focused somehow and the article was helpful. I sent it to my dad who is in a home.


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