Women stretching in a field.

What is the Best Birth Control Pill for Athletes?

Birth control pills offer athletes the pros of a regular and predictable menstrual cycle but cons of the risk of muscle loss, weight gain, and decreased athletic performance. An IUD, a localized dose of progestin, does not have these risks. Another suitable birth control option for athletes is a progestin-only minipill which is less likely … Read more

Exercise while breastfeeding

8 Clever Tips for Running While Breastfeeding

Steps like staying close to home on your runs, wearing the right nursing sports bra, changing immediately after your run, and hydrating well can help you manage running while breastfeeding. Let’s face it, trying to get away for a run as a breastfeeding mama is no easy feat. Because know what breastfeeding babies don’t seem … Read more

benefits of running while pregnant

Baby Benefits of Running While Pregnant

Mother runners know that our running benefits our children by teaching them healthy habits for their bodies and minds. But did you know that the benefits of running start in the womb? That’s right, our running while pregnant benefits our babies even before they are born. Related: Can You Run a Marathon While Pregnant? It’s … Read more


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