The Best Recovery Shoes for Runners: Oofos vs. Hoka Slide vs. Kane Revive Review

As a master’s runner and injury-prone runner, I need to recover as hard as a I train. And one key aspect of recovery I’ve discovered is wearing recovery shoes. You know, key aspect isn’t the right term—game-changer is better. One game changer is my recovery sandals for running. I started wearing my recovery flip flops … Read more


Best Neck Massager & Back Massager for Runners

This is a true story that happened TODAY. My husband hurt his back and neck yesterday. He could barely walk when I saw him this morning. When driving home with the kids from the pool we saw him RUNNING. Good idea? We will find out—but it prompted me to find the best neck massager and … Read more


The Best Belly Bands for Pregnant Runners

Running while pregnant is possible! And many pregnant runners do it with a secret weapon—a belly band for runners. A belly band (also called a maternity belt, pregnancy belt, or pregnancy support belt) helps provide abdominal support for your growing tummy and relieve pressure and pelvic pain as you run. It also helps support your … Read more


Do Compression Therapy Boots Work? Bob and Brad vs. Normatec Boots Review

Most runners know that the way to recover is to increase blood flow. Practically every recovery tool has this aim—including compression therapy. And now there are several products flooding the market using compression therapy to improve recovery, including leg compression boots which come at a costly price. So, are these fancy leg compression machines worth … Read more


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