gps tracking tech for runners

Best GPS Tracking Running Devices & Runner Safety Tech

The news of the kidnapping and murder of Liza Fletcher, mom of two boys 5 and 7, has rocked the mother runner and running communities. We are heartbroken and angry. And we realize we as female runners need to take our running safety seriously. This is why I am writing this article about GPS tracking … Read more

A group of women running

Running Safety Tips & Best Personal Safety Products for Runners

UPDATED Sept. 7, 2022: Editor’s note: This article has been updated with safety tips and information following the murder of mother runner Liza Fletcher. I mostly run alone. I prefer to mostly run alone. In a house with two young kids who never seem to stop talking or needing things, I relish the time to be … Read more


10 Winter Running Tips: How to Survive Running in the Cold and Dark

When that alarm goes off in the morning and I am warm and snuggled up in my bed—with my golden retriever nestled against my legs and my 4-year-old son in the crook of my arm—it is SO HARD to get up….especially in the winter. I know I’m not alone. That’s why I wanted I wanted … Read more

tips to become a morning runner

How to Become a Morning Runner

Running early in the morning can be a key to consistency for runners. You can become a morning runner if you plan ahead and don’t try to run early in the morning every morning. Here are tips to making running part of your morning routine. Running in the morning is a saving grace for most … Read more


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